Monday, June 23, 2008

My own gallery at Scrap Orchard!

Hello dear guys!

Wahooo!!! I now have my own designer gallery at the Scrap Orchard - !!!
I'm sooo excited! :)
So if you want to support me or just have a layout done with my products or freebies - doesn't matter! - feel free to post to this gallery and show them to the world! :) You'll make me happy since I just love seeing my designs working!

And another great news... As you might know we have Euro 2008 Football Championship running - and the Russian team made it to the half a final round - they won in the thrilling battle with the Netherlands! We're all jumping up to the ceiling here and waiting for the next game with the Spanish team... supposedly on Thursday! So wish us luck! :)

Hugs to all of you,


Reba said...

OOOOOOOO Irene I'm so happy for you and I will post all my layouts with your stuff there. I'm so happy you are back selling too. Congrats.

catherine said...

Congratulations with your own gallery at Scrap Orchard and for winning from the dutch football team (my country lol) your team deserved to win.....and they have a great trainer (Hiddink a dutch guy btw lol) hugs Cat

Unknown said...

First of all, thank you very much for your freebies and second, good luck next thusday in the football play againts Spain. Well, i'm from Spain, so good luck for all of us.

Gabby Faye said...

Congratulations on the winning sports team. As a HUGE fan of the Detroit Michigan Hockey team, We were right up there on the ceiling with you when we won the Stanley Cup Hockey championship a couple of weeks ago.


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