Friday, August 29, 2008

All o'er ears in work! LOL

Yup - that's me! :)

We've finally moved back to the town from the country cuz the nights are getting colder these days and it's not too comfy to stay there with a little one. That means I have more time to designs now- the thing is that our country house has two floors and those stairs were killing me - Arina's crawling up and downstairs making me chase her like a hunting dog while she could barely hold herself upright, laughing and almost FALLING on her back!!! ... oomph I bet I got an early radiculitus after this!

Now when we're back to our city apartment she enjoys her older toys (looking brand new to her after these three months - what a merit hehe!) and plays peacefully on the floor or watches cartoons. And she started sleeping longer in the daytime - perhaps of the rains and winds which are really strong nowadays.

So...! I'm in so many thrilling things and projects that I barely find time to have a snack - besides as always I'm insatiable for creating the new kits for the store! That keeps me busy all the time that's why I was keeping silent - besides doing HUGE PILES of laundry and ironing LOL

But I would be heartless to leave you with no freebie this week - and you know I just can't be heartless because I really love you all guys! No, really! Every time I write a blog post I feel like I'm sitting in a circle of good friends sharing the news! :)

Just in case I didn't tell you.. I store all of my freebies on the 4shared account and I never expire them - in case some of the old ones can't be downloaded - guys, I'm really sorry but just have no time so far to repair the links and reupload them! Hope they still work - if not, then some other time I'll try to fix them. That regards the freebies from April and May mostly. Or maybe it's the 4shared that has the expiration quota?.. Not quite good at these things really!

Well, I'm talkative today :) Here's the freebie for today - maybe you remember it - the Crazy Crayons mini! Yup I'm giving this one away today. Totally funky, versatile and fun to use - go and grab it!

Love ya all guys - enjoy the last summer weekend!



Saturday, August 23, 2008

In-laws' weekend + TWO FREEBIES!!!

Hi there!

Sorry guys - can't be here too long - DH's parents came to stay at our place for a couple of days so I'm spinning around making breakfasts, 5 o'clocks, washing the dishes, cooking, doing the laundry, looking after my baby, etc. I even made pancakes today!!! LMBO!
But I remember it's been long time since I gave smth to you - so I stole a couple of minutes to serve your weekend freebie to ya! :) Grab it - this time it's a page kit (some of you might remember it eh?) called French Flirt - it was a posting bonus for one of the challenges. But a paper pack was also created to go with this challenge, so I decided to combine these two into a single extended kit!

Off to dress DD - she's going for a walk with them... YAY!!! I'll have some time to relax in the bath :)

ETA: OH WOW!!!! Just noticed that my freebie is featured today by the Daily Scrapper!!! Lookie what I've got for you TDS readers! Grab this mini fast while it's available - it's my little gift to you :)


Monday, August 18, 2008

Smells like fall... FINALLY! :)

Yes - falling leaves are all over!.. Is it the same where you live? Summer full of falling leaves! :) I see it every year and every time I'm NOT prepapred to see the nature fade... and still it stays pretty hot outside! :)

You know what? LOL! This year is different - I was WAITING for the fall! hehe... And you know why :)

That is why today's freebie is the Septembering mini kit which I created a year ago - a set that fits for the fall, harvest and Thanksgiving pics.

If you have a cute LO to share which was done using my designs - come and show it to everyone in my gallery at Scrap Orchard! :)

Btw - speaking of the fonts I started making - I've decided to make them commercial use free items! Yes - that means you can buy them at regular price and use them for creating your own stuff (even for sale) without purchasing any extra commercial license! The only thing I'd ask for is a credit and link back to my store in the TOU. That happened because of my own experience of searching for cute fonts which were free - I believe it will make life for some of you digi-designers a bit easier. Hope this is good news too! :)

P.S. We're leaving for a vacation trip on the 14th of Sept. - but hopefully I'll be online since I'm taking my laptop with me this time and they said they have a wi-fi there so I'll be able to design, check my blog and happy you with more freebies! :)



Thursday, August 14, 2008

HOT HOT HOT here!!!!!!!!!!.....

Hi ya guys!!
Oooooomphhhh... We've been dying of that heat for four days already - and it seems like it never ends - the meteorologists say it would last at least for 2 weeks... Gulping down gallons of water and taking cool showers helps a bit :) But still - it took 2 hours tonite to make DD fall asleep (we can't open a window in her room since the August nights here (what a paradox) are pretty cold!

So sorry but my mind is totally dumb tonite to give you any longer story than a freebie link... LOL! But hopefully it will make you happy too - this is one of these grunge kits I used to have in my previous store that would suit any LO - so go grab it guys! :)

Ah!.. Btw... :) I started making fonts again! Got two of them ready to go to the store in October - and if you go here you can grab a fantastic Wordart Wednesday freebie by the very talented designer Bethany Harty who used one of them called Blah Blah - and this wordart says ICE CREAM... no, it SCREAMS ICE CREAM!!! LOL (wheee, perhaps I've got one in my fridge!)

Off to the shower - bet it will be a hard night to survive thru'! :)

Hugs to all of ya!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A great LO by Alice and a freebie! :)

Hi ya guys! **snoopy dance**

I'm so excited!! - lookie what Alice (Designs by Arisu found at the Scrap Orchard store btw ;)) did with my DD's pics!!! That's truly amazing! This was made using Mom's pics, Paper Garden by Franziska Altmann and Sugarplum Paperie, available at Sunshine Studio Scraps and Sugarplum Paperie.

Another LO was made by Alice with Ellie Lash's Grab Bag and Sya's Blueprints' Grab Bag. Pics are taken by Mommy 4 sure LOL

And... to crown it all - I have a new freebie for ya guys! LOL Yup, I'm starting to get predictable... LOLOL But still I'm happy to make you happy with the freebies and I just can't get enough of this! :) This time it's a page kit called Florentine - I recall some of you have been asking for it to be available for free - at your request! :)

That's it so far... I'm taking one great opportunity which I'll keep a secret for a lil while and then reveal it a bit later to you :) But now I have to design something lovely for this - so off to my daily tablet matters! :) Wishing you a breathtaking weekend - have fun!



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Freebie time! :)

Hi dear ladies! :)

It's been raining cats and dogs here all day and we stay inside watching cartoons with DD LOL - besides I have A PLENTY of time to design!!! Yay!!! Started working on a Christmas kit and a couple of more projects which will remain a surprise so far ;-)

Besides I've purchased some magazines to take a sneak peek at the interior designs of some of the beautiful houses and research the hottest trends since we've bought a new apartment and I'm impatient to let my fantasy spread and reign there :)

So while I'm superbusy designing and reading (LOL!) go grab today's freebie - I wanted to give away something cosy fit for a rainy day - it's a mini called Charmeuse which was inspired by the cute old stuff one can find at the Parisian flea market - hope you'll like this one and find it rather versatile to scrap anything you want! :)

Hugs gals - off to learn how the modern kitchens need to be furnished :)



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