Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Winter Blogwear!

Hi sweeties,

I'm still on a vacay - too tired for words, because we're still finishing putting every little thing in its place, cleaning, and getting ready for the New Year celebration which is a huge holiday here in Russia.
Santa will visit Arina tomorrow and mum has to do a lot of cooking lolol which she's not too fond of :)
But I still put something new in store this week! I was thinking my Blog Couture series was missing a couple of nice winter themes so I made these two cuties perfect for any blog out there - both priced 20% OFF as usual!!! They coordinate with Fireplace Tales and Amazing Snowland pretty well:

Now... I have a nice surprise for you guys!!!

I've prepared 5 coupons for the first lucky ones to have both templates for FREE!

Hurry up! The coupons expire on the 1st of January! :)

Use any of these codes:






Enjoy and a Happy New Year to you!!!

Biggest hugs,


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas guys!!!

Lil update: We've safely moved and celebrating at our new place!

Wishing you all the best and have a happy holiday season!

Let all your wishes come true!

I'm taking a week's holiday to spend with my dear ones!

Love and hugs from us three to you all - and here's a little flash animation I've found over the web I hope you'll enjoy watching :)



Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fireplace Tales!

Hi guys!

Here I go again with a brand new holiday kit called Fireplace Tales!

It's fresh from the oven, spicy and sweet, homespun, cozy and made with love :) You might have noticed it on my blog design already - this one will be available for sale very soon too :)

I've set it up for the 20% OFF sale and you are getting these wonderful quickpages FREE if you purchase the original kit!!!
Here's what my sweet fairies and me did with the kit:

A a little special gift for you - a FREE quickpage made by Wendy!
Hope you like it!

Big hugs huns - I'm switching my PC off now since DH has to pack it today too lol
See you next week!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The long awaited 50% OFF day is here :)

I won't bother you with long postings today guys! :)


Besides I have a very special freebie for you made with my new kit that will hit the store tomorrow:




Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pigs and Fiddles :)

Hi there huns!

LOL I bet the title sounded weird and funny - alas, it is! :)

That's how I named my new fun kit that has just hit the store with a usual 20% OFF weekly discount! And of course there are 8 gorgeous coordinating quickpages you're getting FREE together with your purchase of the kit this week only:

This is what my girlies did with Pigs and Fiddles:

By the way... you have a chance to win!!!!
As usual post a little comment to THIS THREAD at DST and be eligible for the random drawing I'll be doing on Saturday!!!

And here's little freebie for you - a couple of cluster frames you can play with :)
Hope you like it!

Wish me a smooth move - we're in the hectic process of packing that's shy I'm keeping it pretty short today! :) I pray we're done by Christmas!!!

Big hugs,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weird Wonderland is here!

Hi sweets!

Finally it's Thrusday and I'm free to release the most cherished collection of my digi-life - Weird Wonderland! It started back in July and I planned to finish it by Christmas so that you could be happy to grab something very special and different :) Seven collection parts are sold separately at 20% OFF discount as usual (in case you want to pick ones you love most). The whole Bundle is priced 50% OFF, so if you buy all you save $17 :)
My CT went weirdly and unpredictably fantastic and creative making layouts with the collection:

And as usual I have a little freebie for you - this time it's a Wonderland "scene" quickpage :)
Perfect both for extractor scrappers and for those who are new to it - all you have to do is just place your extraction where needed and add some shadowwork! Voila - your Alice page is done :)


Hope you like this week's stuff... it was kind of a chellnge for me to finish it! :)

Hugs and have a terrific weekend,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Countdown to Christmas!

Hola huns!

Sooo... it's December here! You know what it means? :)

The Orchard Countdown to Christmas started!!!

See that hilarious tree? :) Then set your alarm clocks early on December 16 - cuz it's my sale day and my store will be 50% OFF!!!!!

Well, if you're already itching with impatience I can add to that lolol

I'm releasing a huge amazing collection this week - it feels like I've been working months on it and now I can proudly present it to you!

YUP! it's Alice!!!! lol

Here's a sneak peek:

Big hugs and see ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

$1 SALE!!!

Woohoo guys!!!

We're having a big $1 sale in the Orchard that just started today!

And I have quite a bunch of $1 deals you can grab for a very limited time!

Hope you'll have fun shopping and grab something to your liking! :)
Big hugs

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Merry, Merry!!!

Hello guys!

It's Thursday night for me and that means I have a handful of freshly baked brand new goodies for ya! :)

Firstly I've just released my new Christmas kit called Merry Merry - jampacked with 56 shadow free elements and 9 unique papers it is on 20% sale for the limited time and you'll get a free gift with your purchase - coordinating quickpage set!

A layout I want to highlight - by Flor Rodriguez aka twinsmomflor:

I couldn't but share the layouts my CTM created with it:

You have a chance to win this kit and quickpages!
Just post a comment HERE and I'll pick three lucky winners on Sunday!!!

And I also released a bunch of layout building helpers - these paper cut templates will help you to create a trendy and elegant layouts easily! All on 20% off this week too!

Lest we forget the freebie lol

This time I scrapped a Chrsitmas card with my new kit and now sharing it with you - it comes in two versions, plain card and another version with photo frames to stuck underneath :) Hope you'll like these :)

As I've told you I'm working on a great collection that will be released pretty soon - so away again to finish the last set ;-) Besides my Grandma is hitting 79 tomorrow so I have to go shopping now when DH's back from work :)

Big hugs guys and have a thrilling weekend!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My nephew :)

Hi honees!

I guess I finally have a spare minute and I remember I promised to show you my nephew's christening pics :) I don't have a bunch since the photographer services was our gift to him and his parents for the day, so I emailed SIL and she sent me some :)

I'm sorry I'm keeping silent - I'm working on a big and thrilling collection that is going to hit the store very soon :) It's 90% handpainted and takes a lot of effort and time so excuse my AWOLs once in a while :) I so hope you'll like this one!!!

So far - grab a sneak peak to know what to expect on Thursday ;)

Off to order the curtains - our furnishing-n-repairs time is coming to an end finally so in a month we'll be ready to move!

Hugs & see ya on Thursday!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthdee-Doo for my nephew! :)

Hi there sweets!

Time flies pretty fast and my nephew's going to be one pretty soon , so I got inspired and created my brand new kit for him! :)

The kit's called Birthdee-Doo, filled with 50 unique elements and 9 papers and set to 20% discount :) And - yes, you're getting the quickpages I've also made FREE once you buy the kit!

Take a look what my fairies did with the kit... They all rock!!!

by Basia
by Monika

by Lilja

I also did the Birthdee-Doo Blog Couture in case you would like to trim your blog with the kit (also 20% off this week):
And as usual I've prepared a little freebie for you :) I turned the layout I did for the main character of the story - my little nephew Constantin - into a free "scene" quickpage for you to enjoy! It can be used as a birthday card too :)


Hope you like this weeks goodies - have fun!




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