Monday, September 29, 2008

Did you miss the newsletter? :)

Hey there dear guys!

Did you get the Scrap Orchard special edition newsletter?
If you are not subscribed then you didn't... but I can help and bring you the good news!!!
Maybe if you go here you'll be finding something you've been looking for! ;-)
And... 20% off everything btw!

**doing the happy dance**

Questions answered + a freebie :)

Hello dear guys!

Sorry I was offline for quite a time - I could not get any internet access for the last four days, since they told us that some underground repairs were being carried out at the hotel nearby and they damaged the internet cable! So I was both furious and missing you to pieces! :)

Now we're home safe and sound - arrived late at night and had quite a troubled flight - DD was crying and almost had no sleep. Imagine, she was squealing demanding for cartoons when it was 5 a.m.! I was absolutely desperate and we could barely make her have some rest.

Now to the next thing. I have got some requests and questions from you recently so it would be a shame if I left them unnoticed!

Guys, I really appreciate the fact that you love my stuff that I've been offering here on my blog for 6 months. And I promise I will be doing this in the future too. But I keep getting so many messages - email, private messages, 4shared messages, comments - that some of my past links are not working. Guys, really, I love you all, but now I just feel too overwhelmed to reupload that huge bunch of stuff to 4shared and repost all the links again. I'm sorry but that really seems a bit scary to me :) I don't know what happened to my 4shared - I log in often and it workds but some of the previous downloads are lost. So please if you love my stuff - subscribe to my blog updates and try to grab the freebies I offer asap. I promise later when I'm not too swamped like these days I will try to find out what happened to the links because in my 4shared folder all the files are safe and sound - weird, isn't it?

I also have been asked why the stuff I offer doesn't fit the standards meaning it is designed at 200 ppi instead or 300 ppi. I have to assure you that the products I'm making now and the ones that will be available in my store are 300 ppi. The 200 ppi is the the standard that was set at my former store - and since I had no time to re-design these kits at 300 ppi I decided to give them away as freebies. But I managed to re-design some of my stuff at 300 though :) Hope that explains this a bit :)

Now to the better things :)
Some of you asked for Wishing On A Flower mini - well, I have two news fro ya - one is bad, another's great! LOL The bad news is that I won't be re-offering this mini as a freebie. The great news is that this mini is no longer a mini - I turned it into a full kit with 30 elements and 8 unique papers and it will be available for sale soon! :)

I just cannot imagine how fast time flies. It was like yesterday that I resigned and now I'm ready to sell again. I'm both happy and a little bit afraid :) And keeping my fingers crossed that you will love my 300 ppi stuff as much as you loved it at 200 ppi!

An as my excuse for being away for too long here's my little gift to you - some of you remember my Venetian kit and add-ons - I conmbined one mini and two add-ons into a single kit and renamed it - hope you will like it tto :) Oh, btw - I was a newbie designer when I made it so my mistake I designed it at 220 ppi LOL - but I think it's still for the better quality, huh? :)


Hugs to each and everyone of you!

P.S. OH!!! I almost forgot to tell you... Keep your eyes open sharp on Wednesday! ;)


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hello from Turkey!

Hi dear guys!

We're having lots of fun in the sun with DD - she bites at everything, and imagine, she bit her baby pool so we had to buy a new one for her! LOL

WE're planning to go to Phaselis tomorrow - it's the place where the ancient ruins and a smal colloseo are located - a real place of history, with lots of small cafes, a beach and the sea of course - a wonderful place for recreation with a little one. Besides we decided that we can go to the disco on Sunday - they have a great one in Kemer where the most famous european dj's play once in a while. Lucky enough we've taken my Mom and Dad with us so I think they'll be happy to stay with DD while we're having fun there :)

Well, I've promised you a biggie... And here it is! I was so missing the Japanese quisine so I rearranged my Sushi Bar page kit and two add ons into a single big kit. Now it's for free for you - go on and grab it! :)

That's it so far... Will be here again very soon!

Hugs to all of ya!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Yay!!!! I'm ONLINE!!!!!!!

Luckily enough I have a wireless conncection here available!
So I'll be having lazy days by the pool never forgetting you tho! :)
Check out for a new biggie soon - I bet no later than Friday!!
I'm doing the snoopy dance right away... LMBO!!

Hugs to each and every one -

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Before-the-vacation gift

Hello there!

Guys, thank you all for your well wishes for Arina - her nose is doing pretty well and it's healing fast! :)

Tomorrow we'll be doing the packing thing since we're leaving on Sunday - today I tried to do some but you know how hard it is with little ones - mine was doing some tribal dancing around the trunks and actually unpacking what momma has just packed... LOL
It's raining cats and dogs so we're really looking forward to sun and summer again - I've bought some sunscreens today and Arina decided to test them right away LMBO!!!

Now I prepared another freebie for you - it was in my former store only for a month so maybe you didn't have the chance to get it... It's called Cabernet Punch and will make a nice page of any kind.

I'll try to come weekly with freebies while I'm away - they promised I'll have the access there!
In case I can't - just forgive me please for these 14 days and I'll shower you with more when I come back! :)

Off to take a nap - DH is furious with me still stuck to my laptop LOL


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Awesome blinkie from Alice!!!

Hey dear guys!!

I can tell ya what!!
Lookie to the left of this page - I got a brand new "fan of" blinkie which was made by the very talented Alice of Designs by Arisu!
I'm getting ready for my store opening so this blinkie is making me SOOO happy!!!
So if you like it feel free to grab it and sport around the forums! :)
Yay!! *happy dance*

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wanna free Azure Pleasure? LOL!

Hi guys, Irene here again!
Got the news... well, there are different types of...

The bad news. DD has fallen down today when my Mom went for a walk with her.

She now has a huge purple bruise on her forehead and her nose was bleeding and now it's swollen :( We took her to the hospital and luckily there's nothing serious, she just hit herself badly.

She is crying in her day sleep now once in a while cuz her nose hurts and my heart feels like is tearing apart. I've put some antiseptic on it and the swell is doing a bit better now.

My Mom feels awful about it and I can't find the words to comfort her - she can't hear what I say about ALL babies falling and making bruises, and just feels too depressed about it. She feels guilty for that... and I feel so sorry that this all happened but we were lucky enough nothing too bad did.
Well, now to the good news. I think I can tell you one good thing... hehe!
Seems like now I have MY VERY OWN PERSONAL CT!!! YAAAAAYY!!!!!
It's not too large (I didn't make a call) and all these girls are frigging awesome!!!!!
I'll introduce them to you as soon as my store is up and running! :)

Btw, lookie what I've got for you today guys!
I remember some of you were asking for this kit to be available for free - here I am the Fairy Godmother LOL


Hugs and take care,


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