Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet my extended CT! :)

Drum roll guys!!!

First I want to thank you everyone who sent their applications - i so appreciate your interest in my designs and really happy I have such an amazing group of followers - I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

I was just too impressed with the amazing talent in the applications I got so I recuited 5 girls instead of 2 to join my lovely CT at the Orchard! :)
Now PROUDLY announcing my new girlies who are supertalented, supersweet and supercreative!!!

Fran aka frani_54
Gabs aka evitangel
KimberlyRae aka KimberlyRae
Lilja aka liljatr
Denise aka deniseb30

Welcome girlies!
I'm one lucky gal to have you on board!!!!!

Hugs and wishing you a Happy New Year!
P. S. GrandpaFrost comes to visit Arina today since we're celebrating the New Year in Russia - my Dad is going to play the role for sure!!! - I'll be taking lots of pics and then share them with you together with the ones of the chocolate house and the tree :)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Celebrate with me!!!!

Hugs guys!
Tomorrow is the day DH and me are waiting for every year.
It's the day we met first 4 years ago.
It's the day we got married 3 years ago.
It's our 3rd wedding anniversary tomorrow!!!
Drum roll...
I'm having a sale again!!!!!!
For those who were too busy before Christmas to be in time for my one-day-sale!
And for anybody else! :)

And as usual - don't forget about the Fresh Fruit at the fabulous Scrap Orchard store!!
This week I've got a new kit for you which is $5 only - but wait it's Fresh Fruit, right? So it's 20% off!!!!! Plus my 30% sale... So you're grabbing it just for half the price tomorrow! LOL

Hope you're having a great holiday weekend -
wishing you all the best and God bless!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big news :)

Hey there sweeties!

First of all I wanted to thank you all who shopped in my store yesterday!
You really gave this sale some Christmas feel for me! LOL
Hope you like the freebie I offered - in case you didn't snag it - it's now available in storeat a decent price.

Second... I PROMISE with my hand on my heart (LOL!) that today I'll take pictures of our chocolate house and tree (the house has a bitten roof btw - guess the lil spy who did it LOL) and show them to you asap! :)

And third... with all that Christmas rush and my job and shopping I absolutely forgot to tell you that I became an auntie on Friday :)
SIL gave birth to a lovely baby boy 8.6 pounds, 1.74 ft tall LOL
His name is Konstantin and he's roaring like a tiny lion :)
I'm gonna make his godmother soon btw!

Then the fourth... but not the last thing to know :)
I have two CT spots available :)
And I need two EXTREMELY TALENTED SUPER SCRAPPERS to join my sweet girlies at the Orchard!
All of my CT rules are very relaxed and not stressful at all.
I'll recruit you for forever if you like LOL - but not less than 6 months. You are free to go after that if you want to.
I let you download whatever you want - no limitations for you to be creative.
I need at least 4 layouts a month from you featuring 4 different products, posting them at SO, DST and two other galleries you like.
I appreciate enabling - but no stress really.
What I ask in return is the love for my designs and your super creativity :)
If you are interested please send me a not to irenealexeeva @ gmail.com with a not why you'd love to be on my CT and a link to your gallery.
DEADLINE: December, 31.
Important - sorry I WILL NOT be sening rejection letters guys since I'm pretty busy and besides hate doing this cuz I hate hurting people. So just after the deadline I'll introduce the new girls to the world of digi on my blog :)

Okay, off to have some tea before DD and I go for a walk and shopping shopping... we've got SNOW today!! :)

Hugs and smootches,

Monday, December 22, 2008

Partridge in the pear tree!!!!

Tomorrow is the last (12th) day of Christmas at Scrap Orchard and it's MY DAY!!!!!!
Lookie I'll be having ALL OF MY STORE (CU items included) at 50% OFF just tomorrow!

And by the way... I have a freebie for you too!!!

Look for this set of Christmas cards priced $0.00 in my store tomorrow!

Hugs to you guys - have a happy Christmas season!!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hint, hint! :)

Okay... I won't be tellin' you more so far... LOL! Just wait till the date! :)

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a little sneak peek :)

Hehehhe :)
Here's my new kit (not yet in store!)

I'll be releasing it this Friday.
Before it hits the store you have a chnce to win it!!!
Check this DST thread here http://www.digishoptalk.com/boards/showthread.php?t=164522 (and see the gorgeous Scrap Orchard CT layouts with it btw!) and post a little comment and I'll pick 3 lucky winners on Wednesday!
And while I'm busy with tree trimming and choclate houses assembling don't forget to check out the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS event a Scrap Orchard!! We're posting new freebies every day + each day we have a sale for one particular designer... So watch out - my sale day is not too far away too LOL!!!
Hugs and happy holidays!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fa la la la la la la la la!!!!

Christmas is approaching!

Tonight DH and I are making a chocolate house for DD - I'm too busy this year to make something from scratch hehe - so I stepped aside from baking a gingerbread one and bought a marvelous kit at one of our stores. We're melting chocolate and the aroma is spreading through the door!! LOL Our neighbor (who is an old lady by the way) called us and asked what was cooking there - she and her husband were mouthwatering! LOL

As soon as it is finished (so far we've ran out of chocolate) I'll take some pics and show it to you!!!
We've decided to make these for MIL and FIL and Mom and Dad too!!!

And that means I have brand new Christmas stuff in store!
And its priced 20% off as usual!
And I have a special offer too (a free printables set with the purchase of the original kit - hey lookie, it has several wine toppers and 4 great gift cards!)
So I've been singing fa-la-la all day... LOL And that is how one of my new kits is called!

Sorry for the short post guys - running away cause that melted chocolate can't wait!! LOL



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LInk changed + a new freebie!!

I thought it could be a good idea ty try Ziddu instead of 4shared since I used to have problems with damaged links with 4shared of late - but it turned out that 4shared was much safer LOLOL
The Advent Calendar link is updated again (sorry!!!) and hopefully you won't be having any problems with 4shared this time! Remember it will stay there until December, 26!
Btw... I'm releasing 2 brand new Christmas kits on Friday + a hybrid printables set! And these will surely make a special offer... But let's keep it until Friday! So far I've got a little freebie for you - hopefully in time for Christmas! :)


Hugs & have a great day!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Advent Calendar Freebie - couldn't resist!!!

Me again! LOL
Mom called us from the hospital and said Dad was allowed to have some spoons of veal broth -YAAAY!!!! - so while it was cooking I made a freebie thingie for you which I have been dreaming to make for quite a time - yup, it's an Advent Calendar!!!

And it's free! o grab it while it's available - the link will expire on December, 26.
Just my gift of appreciation to you - my customers, my blog readers, my fans, my freebie lovers, just my friends.


If you like it - just leave me a lil luv in the comments :)

This year has been rather hard on me - more like a zebra LOL - but I never feel sorry for what's behind. And I'm thankful to God for every chance he gave me - no matter what it is, life, love or job.

Luv ya all,


Update + new stuff

Hey there hons!

Thanks for the well wishes and prayers you sent for my Dad - he's still very weak and has to go through severe pains but the doctor says he's doing well and all the pains are natural to this stage of recovery. I still have an awful migraine cuz I can't sleep well and worry a lot - but I use that time for designing at nights.

So, first - I have released two brand new kits today + a quick page album which is a FREE deal with the purchase of the original kit:

And.... I have a little RAK at DST! :) I have a brand new Christmas kit that will be released next Friday :

And I'm ready to give away three coupons to 3 random winners! Yay!!! Make sure you pop in and post a little comment here: http://www.digishoptalk.com/boards/showthread.php?t=162617 to have a chance to win this kit before it hits the store!!!

God bless you all -
off to take a little nap while DD is asleep


Monday, December 1, 2008

All about Christmas...

Hey guys - have you seen the latest issue of the Daily Scrapper???
It is fabulous!!
All Christmassy and festive... I got so inspired reading it today!
I also contributed a little article there - you might want to read it too.

Now re-reading what I've written some time ago I'm sending my longest prayers to God. Because my Dad has to go through a complicated surgery tomorrow.
We're all hoping for the great miracle of Christmas to help him and us all during these hard times.
Because we all love him to every single beat of our hearts and yes - I WANT him to play Santa for DD.
No one can do it better.
I know.

Take care,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All $1!!!!!!

Heeeeeyyy girlies!!!!
Can you imagine that???
I've got a new bunch of stuff in store and it's in the Farmer's Market specials area - that means all of these are only $1 each!!!
Hurry up and grab the goodies at this fab price while they are still there! :)

And a bunch of my oldies too! Hint - check out ALL the bracket albums I've sent to the Farmer's market today - they are priced $1 too!!!!
Enjoy your shopping!!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Hey ya!!!
I missed you SOOOOOO guys! :)
We had lots of fun in Vienna and right after we came back emails and pms swallowed me LOL
That is why I kept silent gettting all set and fixed and ... designing new stuff of course! :)

Vienna is all set up for Christmas... So beautiful and inspiring! It was hard for me not to think of designing and just have fun LOL

Just a cute decoration in a cafe in Schohnbrunn castle

...and me there too - a bit tired
the magnificient Stefansdom (Saint Stephan's Cathedral)
Imagine!... Beethoven's house in Baden - that's where he composed his 9th Symphony
Me drinking punch! LOL

The House of Parliament... the love of my life... and the fiacre!!!

Christmas market near the Rathaus

A huuuge gingerbread house!

Okay!!! Hope you enjoyed the pics - though it's just a tiny part of them... We've bought a lot of Christmas presents for DD, including the carousel toy, the little manger arrangement and a spinning antique wooden Christmas tree with a music box, and - tada! - a great scarlet dress and matching shoes to wear for Christmas! :) I promise I'll show these later - hopefully I will find time to SCRAP them! LMBO!

Now is it necessary to tell you that I'm in such a Christmassy mood after the trip?!?

I still have more news! :)

First - I've made up my mind to change the way I do my kits - I previously included the elements with tye drop shadow included. From now on I started making stuff and including BOTH versions into the zips - the preshadowed and the shadow free. Hope it will make it more comfortable for every one of you. Sure there still will be kits for sale which were made in a former way cuz I like them and can't throw them away - but my newest Christmas one is ready to go soon and it's done both with and without shadows.

Besides I've prepared a little cute gift for you - it's doodled and funny and just in time for Christmas - will be nice to use on layouts or avatars... It's a pack of Christmas stockings, amongst which you'll surely find the one that fits you best :) Created at 300 ppi and shadow free.


Now... off to get ready for the Black Friday - hint, hint hehe!!!



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Off to Vienna...

Hey there girlies!
Yup, DH and I are driving to the airport in a couple of hours...
He has a business trip to Vienna and he's taking me along so that I could... SHOP!!!!!!!

Besides we'll be having two excursions during the weekend - the Schohnbrunn Castle, the Saint Stephan's Cathedral and the Vienna Forest!

Besides I have been restraining myself from spending a single dollar for quite a time to have a shopping feast there ROFL

Luckily (I will be missing my DD greatly!) and unluckily (not enough, not fair!!!) we'll stay there until Tuesday night and will be home on Wednesday morning.

Okay now :)
But I couldn't leave without giving you some nice treats!
My new stuff in the store - prcied at 20%off as usual.
My newest Christmas kit:

Then - a hybrid printables set - my first one!!! - that you might love for your Christmas gifts packaging and favors - I used the stuff we did together out of it for the preview :) It was a bit strange to have scissors and glue around us since I never paper scrapped!

And second - I've got a little freebie for you :)

This time it's a paper pack (designed at 200 ppi) that was one of the chat gifts at my former place - hopefully you''ll find them useful (a little tip - I made use of my old papers resaving them at 300 ppi andsince they got smaller using them as mats on my layouts :))


Have a fun weekend guys - sending you big hugs!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Toot! I got published!

Yay guys!

I'm so excited!!!
Great news so far - I'm a designer spotlight in the November issue of the Artisan Notebook magazine!!!

If you're a subscriber to this absolutely awesome edition you can get your copy and read a little interview with me plus see some great layouts from my CT girlies!!!!

By the way, to celebrate the occasion I'd love to offer you my blog readers a 20% OFF discount coupon to my store!!! It is good throughout the month!

Your coupon code is: ArtisanReaders

Big hugs to you,


Thursday, November 6, 2008

New relelases and a freebie!!!

Hello there guys! :)
Here I go again with lots of new stuff this week!
And as always it is 20% off for the upcoming week!
I have always wanted to make commercial use items - so today's my debut with them! :)
I've made two sets of layer styes for Photoshop:

And I'm also releasing a new kit today!! It's called Happy Circus, it's very vintage an altered and was inspired right after we took DD to the circus for the first time! :)

THis week only - get this large 12 page album FREE with the purchase of the kit!!

And.... the last but no the least! :) I've been playing with my new stuff today (I used three kits in this LO and they are coming to the store soon) and made a layout featuring my sweetie, so wanted to share it with you:

Then I thought... man, I'm selfish! And I saved my LO as a quick page to share it with all of you fo free :)


Have a great weekend guys!

xoxo, Irene

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another freebee from me! :) And a challenge :)

Hello here hons!!
I'm ere with a ew freebie for you and a challenge!
Yes, I'm hosting the Apple Cart challenge at Scrap Orchard this month!
And that means I've got a freebie for you - grab it and create a layout using everything in this kit :)

Hope you like it - have fun and enjoy! :)


Have a great week - kisses & hugs!


Friday, October 31, 2008

And the winner is...

...LoriBear at http://bearycutecreations.blogspot.com/ !!!

I just loved Lori's hilarious idea of a Green Giant and a Pea costumes! LOL
Hey hon - please send an email to irenealexeeva(at)gmail.com to claim your prize and I'll send you the coupon to my store!

Thanks everyone for participation - loved reading through your comments and enjoyed them greatly!!! I loved the game so most likely will be hosting it once in a while! :)
No worries about the collab - the links will stay a while so you still will be aible to download it if you couldn't do it earlier! :)

Hugs and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween you guys!!!! :)

Yay - it's here!! the fabulous and fun blog train between the Orchard girls and the Sunshine Studio girls! Make sure you check the complete list of the doors in the Scrap Orchard forums!

We've teamed up to create a gorgeous collab for you - go hunting for the parts of it on our blogs!

Just before you snag my goodie and head to the next one - here's a little fun contest for you! :)
Leave a little love comment here and tell me what your costume is! LOL the winner will get a $6 coupon to my store! :)

Now... come knock on my door! LOL

Have fun guys - and make sure your next stop is Madame Wing!



New kit, new font, new teaser!!!

Hey there hons!
Lookie what I've got in my store for you this week!

And for a limited time only - if you put both of these into your cart you'll pay for the kit only (which is 20% off this week btw!) - that means you are getting the brag book FREE with the kit purchase!!!

I also released this fun new font today:
It is also 20% off this week and - absolutely FREE for commercial use!

And now...

What I've promised...

A teaser!!! Watch for my blog carefully for updates! LOL

See ya soon! :)

Hugs & get ready for the parrrr-tay!!!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Make it Snappy - Pet Edition!!!

Hey dear ladies!
Hope you're enjoying the last night's freebie - so here are the brand new news! :)
I've been showered by requests to repair the link for Get Doggy but I might have removed it from my HD so I couldn't help it... until now!!! :)
My sweet friend Melisa (littleginsu) emailed me the file she downloaded long ago!!!
So I was happy to fix the link again - now the Get Doggy is all yours!


And... as a conclusion - you guys should definitely check the new Make It Snappy challenge - the exclusive pet edition! :) Check it out here:


See ya & hugs!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A freebie!

Hey there! :)

I promised I'll be back with a freebie guys!
This time it's a little set of two quickpages done with my Cloud#9 page kit!
These were made by me - when I scrapped some of our photos with the kit I saved these as PNG's and decided to give them away now! :)
Hope this little gift from me will bring a smile on your face! :)

Have a great Sunday!
Will be coming back with more great news soon!


New Old Kit! :)

Hey their hons! :)

I was sooo busy these days that I forgot to put one new kit of mine into the Scrap Orchard weekly newsletter LOL! So I've just released it and it's 20% off this week!

Some of you remember this kit - some of you were also asking for it - I've extended it and added a castle and some fun elements :) Enjoy!

But this is not all!!! I have a little freebie for you and I will be posting this tomorrow - so keep yor eyes open! :)

Hugs to all of ya!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Awesome Offers at Scrap Orchard!

Hey there dear guys!
This week has been a hectic one for me... Both me and DH are really exhausted - first, it turned out that my Grandma has beeen suffering from a bladder stone infection for a couple of days and we had to take her (she's 78) to the hospital. We went there every day because this stuff had to be diagnosed first, and then only today she stayed there for five days - the're planning to reduce the iflammation, then she'll spend some time at home and after that they'll tell whether a surgery is needed... The thing is that she also has diabetes and sometimes it's a hard decision for the surgeon. I love her and I'm awefully worried.
Secondly, DD somehow managed to catch a cold! Ohmy I don't know what ELSE we could do to prevent that - it's sooo hot in our house , and rather warm outside and we put really warm clothes on - but - voila! - that lady is running around me now laughing and sniffing with her little nose cuz it's watering... funny for her, huh!
And at last, I had SO much to do this week that I can barely imagine it myself!
I've had PILES of orders on my Custom Glam Girlies and it seems like everyday I drew about three of them! LOL I'm happy with this tho!
Besides, I have two new kits released this week - one of them is the extension of my Autumn Festival freebie (I had lots of requests to send it to the store and since I thought it was too small for that LOL I turned it into a full kit) and another is the funky doodled one, called Let Love Grow:

And for a limited time only (the offer expires October, 31) with your purchase of Let Love Grow page kit you get the coordinating bracket album FREE!!!
This is not all!!! I also have two collabs this week!! One of them is with Kami of Ziggle designs and it is such a yummy treat for pet geeks!!! :)

Want a coordinating album for FREE??? That's our special offer with the kit purchase this week!

And finally... my fabulous altered art collaboration with amazing Shauna of Pineapple Plantation Designs called Fairy Special - and yes, it's a Fairy Special kit with which you get a Fairy Special order this week only - another coordinating brag book for free with purchase!!!

Oh! How could I forget! Imagine - all of this stuff is 20% off ALL WEEK!!!!!
OFF: Hmm... really the longest post I've ever made! :)
Hugs to each and every one of you - stay on guard for awesome DSD activities soon! :)
I promise I'll be hosting a fun challenge at Scrap Orchard! :)
Have a great week!


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