Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet my extended CT! :)

Drum roll guys!!!

First I want to thank you everyone who sent their applications - i so appreciate your interest in my designs and really happy I have such an amazing group of followers - I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

I was just too impressed with the amazing talent in the applications I got so I recuited 5 girls instead of 2 to join my lovely CT at the Orchard! :)
Now PROUDLY announcing my new girlies who are supertalented, supersweet and supercreative!!!

Fran aka frani_54
Gabs aka evitangel
KimberlyRae aka KimberlyRae
Lilja aka liljatr
Denise aka deniseb30

Welcome girlies!
I'm one lucky gal to have you on board!!!!!

Hugs and wishing you a Happy New Year!
P. S. GrandpaFrost comes to visit Arina today since we're celebrating the New Year in Russia - my Dad is going to play the role for sure!!! - I'll be taking lots of pics and then share them with you together with the ones of the chocolate house and the tree :)


1 comment:

gabs-art said...

YEAH - I am so thrilled! thanks a lot Irene and have a very good start into the new year!


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