Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New kit is out!!!

Hi there dear girlies!

It';s so hot here we're almost dying. We've left the country and raced to the city since we have air conditioners here at least. Imagine, yesterday I was driving to a mall an looked at the indicator panel... it showed me 104 ºF.

Good news - Arina's doing much better. I brew some oak bark for her daily and rinsing with this "tea" helps a lot with that stomathitis. There's no more pain and her gums are not so bleedy. Poor child. The doctor says we'll be alright by the end of the week - she is able to eat almost everything already, I'm particularly happy that she can have her beloved fresh carrots that she missed so much :)

Another good news - I've ordered a dress of my dream at Norma Kamali :) I just feel itchy to grab my greedy little fingers at it - they promise it arrives on August 5th by FedEx :) We're invited to a birthday party at a chic restaurant in August so I'll definitely be wearing this. Take a look!

And another good news :) I have a new kit in store called Enchanted Neighborhood :) It's on 20% sale as usual until next Thursday and the coordinating quickpages are a FREE bonus with your purchase!

My CT and I played with the kit and here's what we came up with:

I couldn't help making another fab quickpage and share it with you - hope you like it :)


Hugs and have a great weekend,


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love Bug!

Hi there ladies!

Irene's here again with a short post - it's been a hard week for us since DD has been down with a fever and a bad stomathitis :( The worst thing in the world is watching your little one suffer from sickness and pain... She could neither eat nor sleep. Just whining and crying of pain. Gosh. Thanks God she's doing much better now and...yeah, I sooooo need a nap right now!

I still had time to design staying at home with her, so Love Bug is my brand new kit inspired by Arina's birthday outfit LOL It has just hit the store and is on 20% sale for the first week - don't forget you'll get the coordinating quickpages FREE together with your purchase!
Go to the Happy Place at DST and leave me some love in this thread:

Some creative spark from my amazing CT:

And a little freebie quickpage for you to enjoy!


Btw I have great news coming soon in August - will tell you later :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elusive Blues is in store!

Hi there sweets!

I'm here a bit tired from all the birthday party thing (lol, I was an entertainer and a face painter and it was so HOT HOT HOT that I had to take a shower three times that evening lol) We're still waiting for the professional pics but I can show you a lil sneak peek of our party :)

Besides I have a brand new kit in store! It's pretty elegant and summer-ish, called Elusive Blues and 20% OFF for you for the first week of the release! Make sure you don't miss the special offer - for the limited time you'll get the coordinating quickpages FREE if you buy the kit!

Take a look at what my CT did with the kit:

I also released a little CU/PU product today - our garden had to suffer from huge photo shot from me (LOL!) and made a decent designer collection you can use either personally or commercially (also 20% OFF!!!):

A little Elusive Blues freebie for you :) Hope you like this one!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guest stuff available again! :)

Hello sweeties!
Just a quick post to assure you that I haven't disappeared - just making lots of preparations for DD's birthday party which is tomorrow! I'm going to facepaint and it requires a lot of training... I use DH as a model LOL

By the way, just wanted to let you know that all the stuff from my guest spot last month is now available in my home store at Scrap Orchard! All the images are clickable and will redirect you to the store. Every kit is 20% OFF and you'll get a free-with-purchase gift with each! Imagine - you are getting 4 kits at 20% OFF and 4 coordinating products FREE!

A little summer night freebie for you :) Hope you like it!

Hugs and bye huns - we still have to prepare the balloons for tomorrow and decorate the lawn!



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