Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey ya kitty lovers! A gift for you! :)

LOL! I know that I gave out the Get Doggy kit and many of you have been asking for the Get Kitty - how on earth could I ever resist sharing it? :)

Here it comes! :)

We had a great Easter weekend and I took lots of DD's pics nibbling at her chocolate chicks and rabbits :) Luckily no allergy in the morning lol - we just couldn't take them from her otherwise she would squeal preserving her unique right for the sweet treasures :) Well since she isa kind baby - she gave both Mom and Dad a bite! :)

Have fun!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Have a Nice Weekend!!

I bet it should be with the fun freebie I've prepared for you!

It's a whimsy doodled page kit called Weeklendar - well, more like a fun clockface with hands and frames and several event stickers to point at your current moods or intention :)

Hope you'll have fun with it :)

I'm also wishing you a fun weekend - we're having Easter Sunday this week so there's going to be lots of fun with egg hunting and chocolate chicks we've bought for DD :)

Hugs to all of ya,


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vacation Moods

Hello dear guys! :)

I've finally started designing again - now at 300 ppi and btw my new kits will include 16 elements and 4 backgrounds! Hopefully I can make lots during this spring and summer :) Most of them are heritage and elegant, but I also stick to my fav doodley-scribbly style!

I'm here again with another lil giveaway for you - this time it is the page kit called Mexicana - it was created after my friend's wedding in Cancun. No, it's not a wedding kit of course - just all these traditional latina and desert things that might be perfect for scrapping your trip to Mexico... Besides I'm soooo in vacation moods - in May we're going to Turkey to rest ourselves by the sea, so we're (and DD especially!) are impatient to start packing! LOL

Have fun with it! :)



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another yummy treat!

Guys you are awesome - just when I needed support you gave it to me thrice more than I deserved! Needless to say that my moods are definitely improving this way :) DD became sooo talkative I cannot even imagine that some weeks ago she couldn't mumble a single word LOL That is making me happy too!

Those who know me well also know that everything I ever do I do it from all my heart - that is my designing, my challenges, chats and stuff. Sure I love earning my living LOL - but since designing is my deepest passion the main thing for me is to amuse people and make them happy. That is why as the appreciation from me to you I've decided to give you this little cutesy embellies set called Heartistic Doodles - these were also hand-doodled and hope they would do, say, for a Mother's Day layout :)

Enjoy them! :)




Get your Get Doggy for free!!!

Guys thank you for being awesome - thank you for your support, thank you for not forgetting me :)

Hope you are having a nice weekend!

I really loved reading throught the comments yesterday - and though I have some brand new giveaways for you I've decided to offer you the Get Doggy page kit for free today since quite a few of you asked for it - enjoy and watch for new freebies! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great news so far!

Guys I'm still enjoying spending my time with my family but how could I ever forget about you!!!
I have some good news - from now on I'll be giving away some of my former products, past bonuses you might have missed or even new ones FOR FREE!!! Hope I will make it weekly or even bi-weekly, so make sure you're subscribed to my blog event updates to grab the ones you might have missed :)
Hope you'll love the idea! And I also would love to know which one you'd love to be given out first in a row - just let me know in the comments! :)


Friday, April 11, 2008

I left DSP today

Guys so I've decided to resign from DSP today. My products will still be available at the DSP store until Sunday, so if you maybe missed some of them you might want to grab them while they are there.
Well I learned much there. And met lots of people for sure. Made new great friends!
And first of all I would like to thank my loving and devoted customers who've been staying loyal to me and loved my designs thru' all this year. Thank you!!!
I I should definitely take a break and spend some time with my dear and loving husband and our little beloved wonder - they've been lacking my attention for so long! :)
No I don't quit designing - hopefully soon I will start seeking for a new job of a digital designer somewhere on the web - so watch out for my blog updates(you can subscribe to news filling the form on the left) , see ya soon! :)

Hugs and cheers,
Irene V. Alexeeva
Digital Designer


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