Friday, April 11, 2008

I left DSP today

Guys so I've decided to resign from DSP today. My products will still be available at the DSP store until Sunday, so if you maybe missed some of them you might want to grab them while they are there.
Well I learned much there. And met lots of people for sure. Made new great friends!
And first of all I would like to thank my loving and devoted customers who've been staying loyal to me and loved my designs thru' all this year. Thank you!!!
I I should definitely take a break and spend some time with my dear and loving husband and our little beloved wonder - they've been lacking my attention for so long! :)
No I don't quit designing - hopefully soon I will start seeking for a new job of a digital designer somewhere on the web - so watch out for my blog updates(you can subscribe to news filling the form on the left) , see ya soon! :)

Hugs and cheers,
Irene V. Alexeeva
Digital Designer


Anitza said...

I am very sad that you left DSP but I wish the very best for yourself, your business, but most of all, your family.

Thank you for providing us with some of the most beautiful, whimsical, and unique products for digital scrapbooking out there.

I will certainly keep my eye on you!

A Day in the McIntosh Household said...

OMG, I always looked for your designs . . . will keep an eye out for where you are at.

Please keep up the fantastic designing work.

Carolyn McIntosh

Webfrau said...

I was so shocked and sad to see you leave DSP. You have become my favourite designer with your wonderful mix of whimsical and elegant kits.

Of course I understand family first and wish you luck with your future. I do hope you'll post to your blog from time to time. I'm subscribed to your feed so I can stay up to date.

pjoneil said...

Oh, Irene, so very sad to hear you are leaving DSP. I'm echoing Webfrau and probably lots of others too, you have become one of my favorite designers. I think most of us understand how home life demands are really more important. Please keep up your blog and let us know what you and your family are doing. Best wishes for all your endeavours.


Samara Gugler said...

So sorry to hear that you've left DSP. Good luck girlie!!!

deb said...

Irene - you were a breath of fresh air to DSP! Love your designs, I'll be watching to see where I can buy them next! Thank you!

Leslie said...

Hi Irene - I've subscribed... I already follow your blog. Will look forward to following your next digital scrapbooking step. Your designs are up the top of my list. :)

Oh, this is Leslie from Kaleidoscope.

Jan said...

You are my very favorite designer!
I love are all whimsical and beautful kits. I look forward to seeing great
things for you in the future. :)
You are such a talented and oh so sweet lady.

Lisa/Rebel Without A Pause Designs said...

Irene~ I know this must have been a difficult decision for you. I have left you a private message over at DSP that I hope you get a chance to read. I greatly admire your work and look forward to seeing it again soon. Enjoy this time off with your husband and your child.

Toni said...

Oh I have been offline for a while and have only just seen this post, I am happy for you having more time with your family but will miss your designs, I have managed to collect quite a few over the year and will definitely look out for where you go next. Your designs are wonderful.


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