Friday, October 31, 2008

And the winner is...

...LoriBear at !!!

I just loved Lori's hilarious idea of a Green Giant and a Pea costumes! LOL
Hey hon - please send an email to irenealexeeva(at) to claim your prize and I'll send you the coupon to my store!

Thanks everyone for participation - loved reading through your comments and enjoyed them greatly!!! I loved the game so most likely will be hosting it once in a while! :)
No worries about the collab - the links will stay a while so you still will be aible to download it if you couldn't do it earlier! :)

Hugs and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween you guys!!!! :)

Yay - it's here!! the fabulous and fun blog train between the Orchard girls and the Sunshine Studio girls! Make sure you check the complete list of the doors in the Scrap Orchard forums!

We've teamed up to create a gorgeous collab for you - go hunting for the parts of it on our blogs!

Just before you snag my goodie and head to the next one - here's a little fun contest for you! :)
Leave a little love comment here and tell me what your costume is! LOL the winner will get a $6 coupon to my store! :)

Now... come knock on my door! LOL

Have fun guys - and make sure your next stop is Madame Wing!



New kit, new font, new teaser!!!

Hey there hons!
Lookie what I've got in my store for you this week!

And for a limited time only - if you put both of these into your cart you'll pay for the kit only (which is 20% off this week btw!) - that means you are getting the brag book FREE with the kit purchase!!!

I also released this fun new font today:
It is also 20% off this week and - absolutely FREE for commercial use!

And now...

What I've promised...

A teaser!!! Watch for my blog carefully for updates! LOL

See ya soon! :)

Hugs & get ready for the parrrr-tay!!!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Make it Snappy - Pet Edition!!!

Hey dear ladies!
Hope you're enjoying the last night's freebie - so here are the brand new news! :)
I've been showered by requests to repair the link for Get Doggy but I might have removed it from my HD so I couldn't help it... until now!!! :)
My sweet friend Melisa (littleginsu) emailed me the file she downloaded long ago!!!
So I was happy to fix the link again - now the Get Doggy is all yours!


And... as a conclusion - you guys should definitely check the new Make It Snappy challenge - the exclusive pet edition! :) Check it out here:

See ya & hugs!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A freebie!

Hey there! :)

I promised I'll be back with a freebie guys!
This time it's a little set of two quickpages done with my Cloud#9 page kit!
These were made by me - when I scrapped some of our photos with the kit I saved these as PNG's and decided to give them away now! :)
Hope this little gift from me will bring a smile on your face! :)

Have a great Sunday!
Will be coming back with more great news soon!


New Old Kit! :)

Hey their hons! :)

I was sooo busy these days that I forgot to put one new kit of mine into the Scrap Orchard weekly newsletter LOL! So I've just released it and it's 20% off this week!

Some of you remember this kit - some of you were also asking for it - I've extended it and added a castle and some fun elements :) Enjoy!

But this is not all!!! I have a little freebie for you and I will be posting this tomorrow - so keep yor eyes open! :)

Hugs to all of ya!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Awesome Offers at Scrap Orchard!

Hey there dear guys!
This week has been a hectic one for me... Both me and DH are really exhausted - first, it turned out that my Grandma has beeen suffering from a bladder stone infection for a couple of days and we had to take her (she's 78) to the hospital. We went there every day because this stuff had to be diagnosed first, and then only today she stayed there for five days - the're planning to reduce the iflammation, then she'll spend some time at home and after that they'll tell whether a surgery is needed... The thing is that she also has diabetes and sometimes it's a hard decision for the surgeon. I love her and I'm awefully worried.
Secondly, DD somehow managed to catch a cold! Ohmy I don't know what ELSE we could do to prevent that - it's sooo hot in our house , and rather warm outside and we put really warm clothes on - but - voila! - that lady is running around me now laughing and sniffing with her little nose cuz it's watering... funny for her, huh!
And at last, I had SO much to do this week that I can barely imagine it myself!
I've had PILES of orders on my Custom Glam Girlies and it seems like everyday I drew about three of them! LOL I'm happy with this tho!
Besides, I have two new kits released this week - one of them is the extension of my Autumn Festival freebie (I had lots of requests to send it to the store and since I thought it was too small for that LOL I turned it into a full kit) and another is the funky doodled one, called Let Love Grow:

And for a limited time only (the offer expires October, 31) with your purchase of Let Love Grow page kit you get the coordinating bracket album FREE!!!
This is not all!!! I also have two collabs this week!! One of them is with Kami of Ziggle designs and it is such a yummy treat for pet geeks!!! :)

Want a coordinating album for FREE??? That's our special offer with the kit purchase this week!

And finally... my fabulous altered art collaboration with amazing Shauna of Pineapple Plantation Designs called Fairy Special - and yes, it's a Fairy Special kit with which you get a Fairy Special order this week only - another coordinating brag book for free with purchase!!!

Oh! How could I forget! Imagine - all of this stuff is 20% off ALL WEEK!!!!!
OFF: Hmm... really the longest post I've ever made! :)
Hugs to each and every one of you - stay on guard for awesome DSD activities soon! :)
I promise I'll be hosting a fun challenge at Scrap Orchard! :)
Have a great week!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freeeeeebieeee time! :)

Hey guys!!!

I've been missing you all!

Oomph am I overwhelmed! :)
I have babysitting, laundry, cooking, designing (I am into a couple of thrilling projects!) , and some translation to be done! LOL
But I still feel happy cuz it's Sunday and I have a whoooole day with DD and DH!!!

Yesterday we took her to the circus for the first time - man, she watched those bears, poodles and horses with her mouth open! LOL I got so inspired I created a kit this night which is VER vintage looking and is called "Happy Circus" - will be releasing it soon! :)

I think while reading this you already know what's next... LMBO!


Another freebie from me! :)

This time it's Shadowcaught - one of my elegant kits I created almost a year ago (I am still giving away 200 ppi kits and when the're finished I promise I'll be giving out 300ppi ones LOL):


Okay... off to have a cup of tea - see ya all later hons!!

ETA: ooohhh... DH is asking for an apple pie... off to bake too! ROFL



Thursday, October 16, 2008

Repaired Links+ NEW STUFF!!!

Hello dear guys!
So I've got the news regarding the invalid links for some of my former freebies.
I've contacted the 4shared service and they told me these files were damaged (I still wonder why). They said they were sorry for inconveneince and all. But still can't get it how on earth they got damaged??? LOL

Anyway, I have repaired links for the three kits - Ride A Dream, Peas In A Pod, Hot Chick.

Sorry I couldn't repair Mexicana and Get Doggy since these files are no longer on my HD. But the ones which were a success are now downloadable again - the links stayed the same!

Well, have another great news for you! I've launched my newset stuff at the Scrap Orchard store - guess what? YOu might remember a poll about the custom made items - well, I started the custom made line! And here's my first product in this category:

But that is not all - I've also released and funky and doodled Alice-In-Wonderland kit!

Btw, since these items are in Fresh Fruit, they're 20% off... so what are you waiting for? LOL

Hugs and kisses to ya!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If you missed the first coupon piece...

Hello guys,

I have received some very nice comments regarding the firt day Autumn Festival freebie - thanks you sincerely for your appreciation of my work! This means so much to me and I'm happy to share with you since this puts a smile on my fice and makes me happier too!
Still I also received a couple of very frustrating comments from those who didn't find a coupon code inside.
We're sorry for inconvenience - Kami has replaced the zip later that day if you were checking the forums.
Besides, if want to get the coupon you'll have to grab all the 7 freebies - so if you checked the next freebie thread at SO: or the Scrap Orchard blog you would find the previous missing coupon there.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn Festival at Scrap Orchard!

Hey guys - could you even imagine this???
Looks like it's Christmas season!
Because we at Scrap Orchard teamed together to give you a whole week of fun and freebies!

We're having an Autumn Festival in the Orchard!! Starting today we will have 1 Free"bee" a day for you!! And a piece to a coupon code!! At the end of the week, you'll have 7 free"bees" and a coupon for 30% OFF in the Market!!! Make sure you stop by the blog or the forum to get the link to the free"bee"!! Each Free"bee" will only be available for ONE DAY!! And you need all the Free"bees" to get the coupon code!! You won't want to miss this!!

Btw, tonight's Free"bee" is from me!!! Take a look and visit the Scrap Orchard blog to grab it!

So... refresh your bookmarks guys and check back often - it's gonna be a hot week!!! :)


Medieval Fair - repaired link

Hello guys,

Have no idea what's going on with my 4shared account - anyway, I've reuploaded the Medieval Fair page kit freebie for you and the links seems to be working fine - go grab it!

Weird thing - my former freebies are downloading just fine, some of them have dead links though!!!
Sorry for inconvenience!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Whee!!! Want to get a freebie and a coupon???


join us at Scrap Orchard for another fantastically fun Make It Snappy! speed scrap. All participants will receive a lovely mini-kit I've made especially for you and one lucky, random scrapper will win a coupon to my store!
*hint* Pick up my Queen of Hearts page kit to make this speed scrap a breeze!!! *hint*

Meet Mellisa (Fairytale_Studios) in the Make It Snappy! forum on Friday, October 10th at 7:00PM (Eastern) for the speed scrap; then head on over to The Treehouse (chatroom) for a chat hosted by the Owners of Scrap Orchard, Kami, Shauna and Mel (littleginsu), where they will have some games and prizes! It's always a blast when these three get together, you certainly do *not* want to miss it!

Don't miss tons of fun and prizes!!!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brand new stuff in the store!!!!

Hey guys! :)
In case you can't wait until Friday (like I couldn't either!!! LOL) - my new stuff is available now!
First, a great collab with Kami of Ziggle designs, called Birdilicious:

Besides, check out the special offers in store! You can have a coordinating "Gracie" album for FREE for a limited time!!!

Then, two page kits!!! Wishing On A Flower (as promised) and the brand new one, Chickadee Chic!



And third - my new commercial use font called Little Dreamer!


Hope you like the new goodies!
Hugs everyone!


Monday, October 6, 2008

TDS freebie extended!!

Hello dear guys!!!

I have wonderful little news - since many of you emailed or pm'd me asking what the trouble with Strawberricious mini kit download at TDS was - I'm answering you here!

It had so many downloads (YAY!!!) that they exceeded the bandwidth and some of you started getting the error messages.

So the TDS staff made a decision to extended the deadline to download my freebie - it will be available until the last day of the publication!!! Hurray!!! :)

So go and get your little Strawberricious gift :)

But this is not all!!!
I so wanted to share this kit with you - previously it was two minis which I combined into one manly medieval kit - I think it will be perfect for fantasy layouts or Renaissance fair pictures. Most part of the elements of the kit are drawn by hand.

And... check out for my store for new goodies on Friday - Kami of Ziggle Designs and I have a superfabulous collab (my first ever!! LOL) and - TADA!! - I have turned my Wishing on a Flower mini into a full kit and it will be available in store on Friday!

And don't forget that I also started making fonts - I already have one in my store, and have another one coming one Friday! Btw, all of my fonts are commercial use free products - you don't have to buy extra license to use them in your designs! :)
And, to crown it all, all these goodies will be priced at 20% OFF!!!
Hope I made you smile a little - sometimes the beginning of the week make us moody and lacking energy.. (yawn - I'm really sleepy) LOL!!!
My smootches to all of you,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Introducing my CT!

Guys, I'm finally proudly presenting to you the outstanding ladies who joined my CT recently! I'm such a lazy chick and I didn't have a CT call - but when these wonderful girlies emailed me and told me that I simply HAD to have one I could not resist!!! And you will understand why - just take a look what they are doing for me! AMAZING!! Thank you girlies!!!

Carola aka carolat

Mellissa aka missaboo

Melissa aka Fairytale_Studios

Flor aka twinsmomflor

Alice aka fa11enan9e1

Jenni aka willjenni

Jill aka ShadesOfPink

Want to see more layout by them? See the thread at SO where I introduce my wonderful girls:
or the gallery:
Dear gals - welcome and thank you for being so irresistibly creative!!!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Fantastic news + a freebie at TDS!

Hi dear gals!

Well, I promised you some great news - I didn't cheat! :)

I'm the featured designer in today's issue of The Daily Scrapper!!!
Yay!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!!

That means that you can participate in the Lucky Draw contest - just visit my store at Scrap Orchard, pick the product which is your absolute favorite and submit your application here to participate! Guess what? The three lucky winners will get the product they chose for free!
But that is not all!!!

I've prepared another lovely mini freebie for you and it is TDS exclusive!
I remeber the previous time at TDS when my freebie Wishing On a Flower was featured , so I turned it into a full kit which will be available in store very soon. Well, we were dealing with flowers then... How about some berries now? :)

Go register at the TDS store and grab my Strawberricious mini-kit FREE fast! Hurry up cuz it's gonna be available for a limited time!!!



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Stuff!

My dear guys!!!

First of all I wanted to thank you all guys for your congratulations and well wishes on my store opening at Scrap Orchard!!!

The next exciting thing is that my whole store is 20% OFF for three days - and Thursday is the last day to grab my stuff at discounted price! :) So hurry up and snag the goodies you like until 11:59 pm Thursday, Oct.2, Pacific Time!

That's not all... I have a new page kit coming to the store on Friday!!!!! And athe first font too! Be sure you are subscribed to the Scrap Orchard Newsletter to get your discount coupon for them!

And keep your eye on updates...I have even MORE news for you! :) But let's keep this for another post! ;-)

{{Hugs and smootches}}



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