Thursday, October 30, 2008

New kit, new font, new teaser!!!

Hey there hons!
Lookie what I've got in my store for you this week!

And for a limited time only - if you put both of these into your cart you'll pay for the kit only (which is 20% off this week btw!) - that means you are getting the brag book FREE with the kit purchase!!!

I also released this fun new font today:
It is also 20% off this week and - absolutely FREE for commercial use!

And now...

What I've promised...

A teaser!!! Watch for my blog carefully for updates! LOL

See ya soon! :)

Hugs & get ready for the parrrr-tay!!!



Rin@ said...

I love your blog! You are so talented! I wish to give you a small gift here

Karla said...

Your new kit is very pretty! It looks so fresh and springlike. Not at all like dreary autumn.

I hope your dear grandmother is doing better. Did she have to have surgery, after all?

Jan said...

Just had to buy that font. Love the curls. :)


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