Monday, June 30, 2008

Nearing the 8000th member!

Hey guys!

The Scrap Orchard girls have a fantastic treat for the newly registered members - only 83 more registrations to go and they will hit 8000!! They are giving away a store coupon worth $10.00 to the 8,000th person to register with the Scrap Orchard forum - and if you are already registered and start referring your scrappin’ buddies and the 8,000th member includes your forum username in the referred by field, you'll get a $10.00 store coupon too!
Get going.. for these yummy prizes!

P.S. Off to take a nap... had a hectic night designing LOLOL


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yay! Saturday goodie! :)

Hey there dear guys! :)

I've been busy this week - that's why I didn't post!

Firstly I was into Arina's birthday preparations - amongst all the birthday paraphernalia I bought her a supercute party crown to be the princess of the day! :)

Then - I made an attempt of making my very first banner! LOL I'll be improving my skills and making some more for the store - but gee, did I enjoy it!! DD loves banners and blinkies too - mostly of the fact that they are "alive"! :)

My baby started speaking sentences!!!!! They are still quite plain but it's getting easier and easier to get her - imagine what she told me yesterday whe she was playing with her toy tiger:"Mama, tigger bites Aisha feeeeenger!" LOL!!

By the way - I wanted to thank ALL of you guys for your contributions to my gallery at Scrap Orchard! There are layouts there which are familiar to me and along with that I browsed thru' many many new and great ones! And - I'm really happy to see you guys around the site!

I remember some of you noted that they missed my Prim Love page kit when it was for sale - so I've decided that it should be my next giveaway :) I remind you also that all of my stuff is Scrap-4-Hire friendly - besides this kit could make a cute blog header if you wish :)

Hugs - have a spectacular weekend - and I'll be brainstorming the 4th of July freebie for you! :)


Monday, June 23, 2008

Fantastic Feedback!!!!

Guys, I'm speechless!!!

My gallery was absolutely empty just yesterday. And now - what do I see? It's filled with lots of great layouts! Every single one is unique and made with love. I spent two hours (imagine that with my connection via cell phone LOL) browsing and enjoying your gorgeous work! Thank you!!!!

Some of you might be happy to hear another great news - I'e changed my TOU and from now starting with the freebies I'm giving away (and later going on with the stuff I'm going to sell at Scrap Orchard, too!) all of my stuff is Scrap-For-Hire friendly! That is, you can use my products to create layouts for others!(provided the final product is a flattened jpg file or printed). Hope you like that one too!!

And of course... I couldn't stay ungrateful for your wonderful feedback planting my own lil flowerbed at Scrap Orchard with your fantastic layouts - thus I came again with a freebie! It's not to large this time - just a stams set, but it's altered art style (my fav!!) and coordinates with the Altered Melody page kit I was giving away some time ago which is still available too!!!

So grab these to add a finishing touch to your altered art projects!

Hope you enjoy these!

Smootches and have a nice week!


My own gallery at Scrap Orchard!

Hello dear guys!

Wahooo!!! I now have my own designer gallery at the Scrap Orchard - !!!
I'm sooo excited! :)
So if you want to support me or just have a layout done with my products or freebies - doesn't matter! - feel free to post to this gallery and show them to the world! :) You'll make me happy since I just love seeing my designs working!

And another great news... As you might know we have Euro 2008 Football Championship running - and the Russian team made it to the half a final round - they won in the thrilling battle with the Netherlands! We're all jumping up to the ceiling here and waiting for the next game with the Spanish team... supposedly on Thursday! So wish us luck! :)

Hugs to all of you,

Friday, June 20, 2008

Feebie Ringing!

Hello dear guys!

It's Saturday again and I'm here with the exciting news! Ellie Lash and Franziska Altmann joined the Scrap Orchard design team - I'm honored and proud to work together with these talented ladies! They have debuted with a bunch of awesome products at the store which are to die for :)

I'm here in bed with my laptop and my window is open since it's hot-hot-hot... And I smell the fresh strawberry jam being cooked somewhere right now LOL That's very depressing since I gained a couple of pounds and I'm currently a Big Salad Chewie and a Steamed Fish Gulpie... LOL Add a bottle of Contrex daily... well, a glass of wine once a week makes my life sparkle!!! ROFL

So in order not to peek into my fridge I'm designing like crazy and having long walks with my lil runnin machine LOL And I'm here again with a fresh giveaway - this time it's a page kit, again elegant and romantic called Love Scent - hope you will enjoy it!

Have a thrilling weekend and if you have some great layouts done with my freebie - feel free to show them to me, I LOVE seeing my designs made justice! :)

Hugs to all,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great offer at Scrap Orchard!

Guys I just saw a wonderful special offer at Scrap Orchard and it is called A Gallon of Gas! LOL- if you purchase 10.00 worth of stuff from the store they will automatically take $4.07 (the national average of a gallon of gas) off the top!! This offer is only good until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday night! (by the way, you can save even more by checking out the items which are already on sale in the Fresh Fruit Category) Awesome!!!

Want them to provide you with a free gallon of gas? Then go check it out! :)

Now... what goes next is... bold advertising of my designs!.. LOL
Sorry but I had to share a layout I made for DD - I just finished her Christmas album - better late than never! LOL - this one uses my products which will be available at Scrap Orchard in October (one called Homespun Xmas (formerly known as the Primitive Treasures, Merry Bakemas and Handmade Holiday now combined in a single extended kit) and the other called Nite Nite - you might remember that one - and it is extended too!).

Have fun& check often for a new freebie soon! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Contemplations of a parent... and a freebie of course! :)

Hi guys! :-)

It's Irene again here! :)

Yup - with a freebie!!! How on earth did you guess? LOL

A couple of days ago we bought a nice toy house for Arina - one of those you just set in the yard for the little ones to get inside and play. She was sooo excited about it! Needless to say we have neighbors here in the country who have kids too and they all came to play with her - that was fun! She was really happy communicating with someone her height LOL - when in the city she's kinda timid and afraid of making friends, well, maybe was just too small for that... just not too perky LOL Now it's getting better!

So the other day our neighbors had a picnic and they invited some of their relative... a sister I guess with a 4-year-old girl... That young lady just got inside of Arina's house, locked it and told her to get out! When my kid attempted to get in once again I heard that girl saying: "Get outta here, it's MY house". I was amazed that her mommy didn't react tho she heard everything!

I told Arina that the girl wasn't polite and that it was a bad way to behave - I was relieved my lil one didn't cry or get angry, she smiled and let that little monster play peacefully on her own there :)

DH went outrageous when I told him the story LOL But we left it as it was since we can't judge kids - it is not their fault that they are acting bad - it's the fault of their parents.

Where was I? LOL Oh!!!! I wanted to share a nice freebie with you! :)

This time it's a lil page kit called Hot Chick - maybe some of you don't even recall it! - it was a prize for some challenge and never hit the store. Now it's available again! Hope it will make the start of the week easier and more cheerful :)

We're starting to get things ready for DD's 2nd birthday on the 9th of July - DH is responsible for the present and fireworks, me - the cake and the decoration thing. A nice reason to do some shopping LOL

Hugs to all of ya - have a great Monday (Mondays are much better than we used to think since they start the road to Sundays!)


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Missing Butterfly :)


I was in such a hurry yesterday with DD running around that I forgot to put the butterfly element into the zip - I will not reupload the whole archive so I decided just to share the missing element :)

Thanks for your prompt and your patience with me, dear ladies! :)



Ta-da!! An elegant freebie for you :)

It's me again - with the Versailles page kit offered as a freebie this time!

All you have to do to get it is just... DOWNLOAD it! LOL

This kit was inspired by the colors of the Versailles Palais interiors - I love Paris and last September I travelled there together with DH - he was thrilled with the luxurious mixture of golds, burgandies and velvet textures... I miss that trip already!
The kit is small (as a reminder - this is one of my former products made at 200 ppi) - now I'm making kits at 300 which tend to include 5-8 papers and around 20 elements. I still don't want to make the kits too large to make it easier for those who have limited internet access or are dial-up users. My philosophy in creating digital products is as follows:
- avoiding using actions, since I don't like similar elements in different kits;
- making stress NOT on the quantity but on the QUALITY of the elements - most of my designs are hand painted with my tablet;
-avoid using extracted images where possible;
-avoid duplicating and recoloring one similar element in a kit thus making 12 elements out of one... we all can recolor, can't we? So I think you'll be good at it yourself - and I allow recoloring :)

Soo... off to hunt for DD who's up to her chin in the sand making sand cakes LOL

And you can enjoy the Versailles page kit while I'm away! :)

Hugs to everyone

from Irene-the-Running-Momma LOL

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scrap Orchard - Fresh, New and Bloomin'!

Hey guys - I'm here with the great news! - the Scrap Orchard has just moved to a new server and it's sooo fast now! besides they changed the look and the site is even prettier than it was before! :) I'm glad they're safely back and are doin' even better now - I started having withdrawals during the 24 hours they carried out the changes :)
So hurray! :)
Now... I'm a bit busy today since we're in the country with DD and DH is at work LOl - so I have to look and run after her like an eagle - she's a lil curious dwarf touching and grasping at everything and everywhere!! I'll be coming back with a new awesome freebie for you in several hours - when she falls asleep tired of fresh country air! LOL

Hugs to everybody - BRB!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A freebie for dreamers! :)

Hello guys!

It's me again knocking! :) I've been tortured with a terrible cough for a week (hehehe who knew that glass of beer might bee too cold???) but since I'm a good girl I keep telling everybody this happened because of the climate zone change - judging to the temperature here we have early spring - nothing more!!!

I'm here to happy you with a next freebie! This was never a bonus, just a product from my former store - and now you can just click that little green link below and grab it for FREE :)

It's called Ride A Dream - the incarnation of myself in digi LOL! I adore creating dreamy kits.

Getting my store ready... Designing like crazy! LOL I never enjoyed it that much as now... Though it sucks sometimes that I have to remake everything at 300ppi - but still I'm happy that from now on I'll be fitting the common standards we're all used to :)
BTW, have you heard that Hello is coming back?? Now it's called HelloAgain and you can have a sneak peek at what they have so far here:
I'm doin' the snoopy dance now since I LOOOOVE Hello and every other chatter I tried failed to satisfy my expectations. So YAY!
And one more thing - lots of you were wondering when I'll start selling at the wonderful Scrap Orchard - so I can tell you now that I'll debut with my former and brand new products in October. This store is full of fun, awesometastic resources for digiscrapping and has a wonderful friendly community not forgetting about the challenges and contests the gals are hosting here and there.
Ah! Almost forgot about it! LOL!

Enjoy it and have a terrific weekend - I bet you will!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Miss Princess & her parents :)

At last - I had a spare minute to scan our vacation photos - I told you already we bought professional ones opposed to my dumb efforts to take a single decent snapshot LOL

Here's our dolly LOL And a couple of our pics too :)

P.S. Sorry for the short post guys! - off to work - I'm getting everything ready for my debut at the Scrap Orchard and have lots to do so far! :)

Have fun!




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