Thursday, July 31, 2008

August is here!

Hello dear guys!

I can barely imagine it's the 1st of the last summer month already - feels like it was yesterday that we were planning our spring trip to Italy and I didn't expect any changes in my life - and hey look, after 4 months I'm here on a new and exciting route! :)

Besides it's Friday - and that means the Fresh Fruit Friday at Scrap Orchard - every Friday they have the newest products on sale!! Check out their blog for the amazing stuff the talented Orchard designers released this week for you!

And while I'm not on the fresh Friday list yet (hehe) I also have a lil gift for you... just to celebrate the beginning of August and weekend too - it's a mini called Birtday Funk! LOL We have too many birthday parties this week (tomorrow another one LOL) so this kit was very up to date :) It's totally scribbled by hand and it is some kind of a sampler - in october you will get the chance to buy the full Birthday Funk kit at Scrap Orchard which will include 25 other elements and 8 awesome papers :) So far... grab the mini here!

Okay now... Off for a lil walk with DD - have a happy weekend and a great shopping time! :)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whee! A Lazy Day for me!! :)

Hiya guys!

It's already Monday here - around 10 am - and I'm so tired of Sunday mess!! LOL Yup, Sundays here in the country are superbusy - both my Dad and DH come early from work and they need love and some nicely cooked dinner LOL - and I really hate making my Mom do all that since she's the one who really deserves and needs rest, then dish washing and laundry for DD, then the barbecue and I finally drop down dead in my bed hoping to design a bit :) So today as I woke up I made up my mind that I desperately need one more day off!! LOL Just playing with Arina and designing while she's asleep!

Then I remembered that I have got a mini kit with that name! It was given away as a prize in one of the challenges held at the site I was previously selling at - so perhaps not everyone of you have it! It's rather simple - not exactly what I call my style - but when I was designing it I intended to create something to reproduce the atmosphere of a day off - cheerful, lazy and careless :) Now go grab it - and maybe you'll make up your mind to alter your calendar and make this Monday a day off too! :)

Btw I wanted to thank you once again for all these wonderful comments of love you leave on my blog - it is such a pleasure to read through them! Mwah!

Tomorrow a friend of ours has a birthday so we're going home for a couple of days for a party! - besides I'll be fishing for more lovely freebies for you on my HD! :)



Tuesday, July 22, 2008


... because you guys are never letting me feel down even a slightest teensy-wheensy bit!!!
I received so many well wishes for the heads up that I truly thought it was unjust on my side to behave this way!
Sorry again for my "naughty moodiness" - you really made my day letting me know that I have awesome friends and just a bunch of good people around me!
I also received several awards from some of the bloggers and I wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate that! The only thing why I don't put them on mine is that I can't decently nominate such a huge bunch of blogs to pass them along! LOL Besides my internet connection speed is playing bad tricks on me so I'm in and out, getting the boot here and there and sweating for hours over a single download :) But again - A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who gave my blog these wonderful awards!!!
Btw, I'm a bad, bad scrapper! LOL I design lots but just unable to find time for srappin'.Well, my huuuge luck - Alice (fa11enan9e1) suggested that she could scrap some of my DD's pics for me!!! So hopefully I can show you more of our sweetie showcased with the help of this wonderful scrapper!
Now... yesterday I remembered that you guys wanted an alpha I made long ago... It was matching the Heartbreaker kit... a stitched alpha in pink. I still have it - found it yesterday and decided to give it away :) Hope you'll like it!

Hugs to everyone - off to iron some laundry! LOL

Friday, July 18, 2008

A bit moody:)

Hi dear guys!

Sorry I wasn't posting much - I'm not feeling quite alright... No, LOL, I'm fine and I don't have any health issues... actually it's the thinking thing that makes me sick :) I'm feeling a bit of down that I'm tied with that stupid non-compete clause and can't sell right away. Yup, less than 3 months left but... Really we're not doing very well these months (after DD's birthday which was quite an expense! LOL) and my monthly earnings were of great help to our budget. I was just wondering how could anyone prevent one from EARNING HIS LIVING?... the most stupid and heartless thing ever. Luckily I have my awesome beloved DH who earns enough for us three. Imagine a single mom in this situation?..

Now not to make you feel down with me... I've been super busy and have a whole new bunch of fresh and great stuff to go to the store in the fall! Some of them include 4-5 papers and 16-17 elements as I've promised but now I tend to create 8 papers and 25 -30 elements- yup, you can never get enough of the elements! Now worries for dial-up users - I split the zips for your faster and easier downloads! :)

And, since I'm guilty of not posting thru' the week I'm here with an elegant freebie for ya!!! It's called the Solitary Flute and it was available for sale once - now given away for your pleasure :) If you like it please leave some love - I'm soooo needing it right away! LOL thanks guys!

Hugs & wishing you a spectacular weekend!

Monday, July 14, 2008

New freebie for you! :)

Hi guys!!! :)

Ooomph, the summer heat here in Moscow is outrageous - we're sweating and groaning, DD is hardly out of her outdoor bath and it's barely getting cooler at night... I wish it rained again! LOL

Besides yesterday we had a barbecue and my dieting got ruined - now sitting here with a bottle of Contrex and some veggies as a payment for my misbehavior LMBO!

Sooo.... While you are applying for the Scrap Orchard designer call (hehe!!) I think I'd share one more mini with you to get you into the moods! :) I'm really excited over this and impatient to see who else joins the amazing Scrap Orchard designing team!

This is the kit which was available for purchase once called CanCan (It was inspired by one of my trips to Paris) - now I made it free for you to play with! Btw, if you have layouts done with my stuff feel free to share them in my gallery if you want to! :)

Hugs and have a great week!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Designer call at Scrap Orchard!

Exciting news, guys!

Scrap Orchard has a designer call!!

If you're interested, please send an email to: call@scraporchard.comwith a little information about your self, where you are currently selling, a few previews of your products and a link to a .zip file that we can download to review your work!! The deadline to apply is July 19. We'll make our final decisions by July 27!

I bet you're good - so come on and give it a try! :)
You can find the additional information on the Scrap Orchard blog.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm back from the par-tay! LOL

Hi guys! :)
Just got outta bed - yesterday our lil one was two!!!! :)

We had a great photoshoot for her and her friends - Mommy was a picture taker ROFL - and an awesome party with fireworks and a cake of course - with a tiny teddy bear candle on it. She started getting presents as soon as she woke up - from our neighbors, friends, Mom, Dad, both nanas and pops, auntie and uncle LOL

I'll be posting the pics asap - got in bed at three o'clock since I had to clean everything up so I was totally exhausted!! DD loved the celebration and when she was asked what present she loved best she was definite and certain to say: "Fiiiieeeeewaaaarks". LOL! Dad is number one on her top list now - when the fireworks finished she'd cry and say - more, more! LOL

Well - now you might easily guess that I'm here with a lil princessy kit for you :)She was wearing both her chic outfit yesterday but - her old beloved denim too!!! So this kit is called Playing with Denim and I hope you'll love scrapping your pics with it :)

Have a happy week guys!
Hugs, Irene

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A bit early - Happy Independence Day!

Hi there guys!

I know that tomorrow will be the greatest summer holiday for those of you residing in the US - yup I'm early with my lil' gift but since you all will be having barbecues and picnics spending time with your families it would be nice to get you into the festive mood in advance! LOL

I was thinking hard on what to give you for that day - so I picked this lovely doodled wordart set called Secrets of Bliss - somehow it reminds me of fireworks and shooting stars... And I bet you'll be having BUNCHES of fireworks tomorrow! And let bliss walk hand in hand with you through all of your life!

P.S. LOL - While writing this post I got a call from DH who told me that I'm gonna be an auntie in November - his sis is expecting. Me?? An auntie?? Auntie Irene... sounds like Grandma Irene! LMFAO!!!!!

Hugs to all of you - Happy 4th of July!!!


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