Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wahooo!!! Finally home! :))

So... what do you think?

Did I MISS you??? HUUUGELY! :) LOL

Thank you everyone who posted here and there and left some fantabulous comments and well wishes for me - all that you wished came into life!! - I've had a small but awesome birthday: Mom and Dad presented me with cute Armani jeans (LOOOOOVELY!!!!!!!) and my DH gave me a wonderful golden pussycat pendant; they made a bed of flowers for us at the hotel, I also got a small and super yummy chocolate cake and champagne as a gift from the staff; I got lots of sms and emails and calls that day; ha a wonderful lazy day lying in the sun and playing in the pool with DD! we spent lots on professional pic of her - I'm a dumb photographer I know lol - so I'll be scanning them asap to show my pixie coquetting in her lovely organza hat :)

Now... what's up next? :) I've prepared a new freebie for you - it was one of my former products previously available from my former store - and now it is free for download for any of you who likes it :)

It's a small page kit called Altered Meloday - I'm into ATC and altered arts of late so I'm thrilled making things like this - hope you guys will find a nice use of it! :) It's a bit shabby, a bit of vintage, a bit grungy and a bit doodley - and voila:

Have a spectacular weekend and congrats on the beginning of the summer! Yay!

Hugs & kisses,

Irene (fresh from the plane)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's my party... and two freebies if you want to! :)

Hello guys! :)

I've promised a piece of chocolate cake huh? Well I didn't change my mind LOL

In 4 days I'm a having a birthday and since we're leaving tomorrow I'm planning to spend the day together with my family on vacation. I'll be away for twoooo long weeks - and sure I cannot leave my friends forgotten - so I'm happy to give away two freebies today! :)

The first one is a page kit called Peas In A Pod - a funny doodled theme that may fit perfectly for the twins pics or just a mom-n'-daughter layout to show the alikenesss of the two or any spring or summer pic you would like to showcase with it! :)

But that is not all! How about a matching set of French wordart stamps? Hand doodled and fun too? Suitable for almost any occasion? Grab 'em for free! :)

Hope you will enjoy these little gifts while I'm away :) I'm missing you all already - soo hoping I can get the internet access there and drop a line now an then :) Now off to do the packing thing LOL - DD has already unpacked what I out in our trunks in advance :)
Have fun!

Hugs and smootches,

Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekend Freebie

Yup - who might that be?? It's me again! :) LOL

I've been soo busy these days designing - ideas are swarming inside of my head so I got the habit of puting them down LOL - otherwise the slip through my fingers like waterdrops :)

I already promised you that I will make some of my designs available for purchase but still I'm into the new stuff for sale so - if you have something creative on your mind or want to suggest something for me to create - go on!!! :) I have BUNCHES of time and I will HAPPILY make your wishes come true :)

We're leaving for our long awaited vacation on Tuesday - packing things already and have LOTS to take for DD LOL - her trunk is almost twice bigger than ours! Anyway - I can assure you that today I will be giving another page kit away that is called the Balinese Blues - it was also a prize once and only some of you guys got it - so this could be a lil yummy treat for a weekend's start! :)

P.S. By the way... This is not the last freebie before our leave - I will be back on the 1st of June but before we are on board a plane I will treat you to something yummy too! :)

Hugs and a great weekend to ya all!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sometimes I'm unbearable :)

Gals, I'm admitting it with a heavy heart that IJ'm a shopaholic original :) Just when it was only two days left until DH's pay day and we were a bit tight on a budget I went and bought a super cute Diane von Furstenberg silk dress LOL How could I resist? There was a decent discount besides it would fit sooo fine for our vacation! :) Well I wasn't told off - and that makes me feel even more guilty LOL

In this connection the next giveaway from me to you is simply a must have - I remember I promised to give you my Dropping Shopping kit which was a prize for some challenge and only a few could win it - well, now making it available to all of you as a bold logo of my shoping addiction :)

Have a fanatabulous week anad enjoy your shopping - no matter whether it's being done thoughtfully or just as a little whim of yours! :)



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Doodle Lovers - come over here! :)

I thought it could be just the time for a yummy treat - when we have problems or troubles of any kind the best thing to do is to treat ourselves to a mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake :) So forget dieting! LOL It'time to comfort ourselves after these awful things that have been happening in the previous post...

Well maybe my chocolate cake is pure digi but it's fun and amusing too! :) This time it's a page kit called Whimsy Swhimsy - some of you guys remember I even created a font with that name :) it's a fun doodled kit perfect for birthdays and kid layouts... well, everyday layouts too! LOL

Hoping that soothes everyone a bit and makes you a little happier! :)

I'm on my way to designing new and recompiling former products of mine. Got 10 page sets ready so far! :) I didn't change my style(s) - they are both elegant and quirky, whimsy and doodled, rich-colored and pastel - and way BIGGER than I used to make! LOL Impatient to send them to the Orchard store!

Hugs to all of you,


Monday, May 5, 2008

I've been pirated!!!

And it's not the first time... Luckily this has been pointed out to me by some very nice ladies - thank you gals! - and now I'm just smashed. This blog (LINK REMOVED FOR SAFETY REASONS) just copies my content and post the links as if they were her own. I really give out freebies because I enjoy it and I'm happy to see people enjoy them too... the only thing I ask for in return is just to respect my copyright. Is it that much?... Why not just link to my blog, that would be absolutely easy for both of us. I've contacted the Blogger support for help, yet they say I should post some legal paper to them... Hopefully I can make it later. Unluckily (though I tried many times!!!) I cannot add a single comment to any post on this piracy blog. If anyone finds out just occasionally how to reach that lady I would be forever grateful.
Thank you for your attention guys & sorry fortaking to much time from you,

Saturday, May 3, 2008

NSBD gift and great news too! :)

Guys, here I am again (hope you are not too tired of me these days LOL!) with fresh news! :)

First - all my dear digi (and paper too!) scrappers, congrats on the NSBD - and as a little gift I'm giving away a freebie on my blog - this is a page kit called Marisposa - some of my customers at my former store remember it was a posting bonus for one of my challenges. So now it's available just as an appreciation from me to you :)

Secondly, I'm happy to tell you that I've found a new awesome home to sell my designs at :) By all means I still have to wait until that "holiday time" is over LOL, but hopefully I'll be selling the next day it's finished! :) The site is just awesome with its store and fun challenges as well as the charming ladies who own it - I'm really happy I've met them! If you've been attentive to the little changes made to my blog you will easily guess the place I'm heading to! :)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend -
Hugs and xoxo to all of ya!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Get Doggy ONCE AGAIN! lol

Stupid me!... How could I ever remove that link while so many of you missed the Get Doggy?? :)

I had soo many requests to bring it back - emails and c-box messages and blog comments. How on earth could I refuse LOL? Now it's there again - enjoy! :)

Have a nice week-end! :)



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