Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saying Goodbye...

Hey sweets,

I think this is my last blog post as a designer here.

I'm sad to write this but it feels like I made a decision to step down from designing.
I mean at all.
The work I've taken up (in my Dad's company) requires effort, and our little girl requires lots more time now since it's her last year before she st
arts school.

It was my biggest pleasure and honor to have you all as my loyal and sweet following. You supported me through all these years and it was you who I felt so creative for. THANK YOU.

What a chance it was to work with wonderful designers and my best friends Kami and Mel. I'm so happy I met them IRL... Girlies, this just goes out to you. The best friends I've made I've made at the Orchard - the friendliest, funniest, most talented and gifted community out there. God Bless You guys. You made me feel not just a designer, but first of all a loved friend, a family member and an Artist. And friends will always be friends, no matter what, and no matter what may change in our lives, hobbies or jobs.

Before my store is closed for good I think it'd be unfair if you could not be able to snag my stuff - so I'm hosting my retirement sale at the Orchard at 60% OFF all of my store.

Please hurry - the store will be shut down on April 11.

I'm sending virtual kisses to you and wishing you all the best.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Taking a Big Break

Hey guys,

I've been thinking for a week about this and I'm going to let you all know too.
Please don't be scared - nothing serious so far and I'm not planning to retire and leave.

But gosh am I EXHAUSTED.

I've been diggin' my joy of life down for almost 6 years - no rest, just puter life, headaches and back pains.
Right now all I can think of is my loved guys, a good sauna, workouts, dumb watching TV and sleep.
My family have been missing me all these years.

So I'm taking a good break from designing, and hopefully will be back in summer.
Love you all and will be missing you!



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