Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Stuff!

My dear guys!!!

First of all I wanted to thank you all guys for your congratulations and well wishes on my store opening at Scrap Orchard!!!

The next exciting thing is that my whole store is 20% OFF for three days - and Thursday is the last day to grab my stuff at discounted price! :) So hurry up and snag the goodies you like until 11:59 pm Thursday, Oct.2, Pacific Time!

That's not all... I have a new page kit coming to the store on Friday!!!!! And athe first font too! Be sure you are subscribed to the Scrap Orchard Newsletter to get your discount coupon for them!

And keep your eye on updates...I have even MORE news for you! :) But let's keep this for another post! ;-)

{{Hugs and smootches}}



Toni said...

Congratulations on finally being back 'out there' with your designs for sale, I am so happy for you.

I love the new Cloud 9 kit and all signed up ready for Friday - I really must find time for scrapping again rather than just buying the kits :-)

Leslie said...

OK, those clouds are heavenly! :)I think they are a "must have". :)

LuvsMyFurBabies said...

Wow, your designs are just wonderful!!! I bought 3 already and am definitely getting more. By any chance have you thought of doing a graduation page???? I have 4 graduations I need to scrap and I just know a kit you made would be awesome. good luck with the new store.

Chrissi said...

Hi Irene,

I can't get enough of your wonderful kits. You have an exquisite "eye" and your sense of whimsy is so subtle but funny. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent. You make the world a much more beautiful place.

Reba said...

Irene I have always loved your kits. and just want to know are you going to do any challenges??? Or at least a chat I really miss are chats....


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