Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Awesome blinkie from Alice!!!

Hey dear guys!!

I can tell ya what!!
Lookie to the left of this page - I got a brand new "fan of" blinkie which was made by the very talented Alice of Designs by Arisu!
I'm getting ready for my store opening so this blinkie is making me SOOO happy!!!
So if you like it feel free to grab it and sport around the forums! :)
Yay!! *happy dance*


Toni said...

Oh it is so cute, my blog is not dressed with the new blinkie - can't wait for October to point it to your new shop!

Toni said...

whoops that should have said NOW dressed!

Jan said...

Snagged your pretty new blinkie. I can't wait to put it on my blog(with a link to your shop and
in the galleries. October can not get
here fast enough for me. :)

bandwife said...

Love the blinkie!

Any date of your debute? When in October!?

Omaha Lacrosse Club said...

Love the new blinkie girl! Isn't Alice the BOMB!! :)

Gunilla said...

I wrote on my blogg:
a cute blinkie from a cute blogg!

Love yore freebies!!!!!


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