Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Winter Blogwear!

Hi sweeties,

I'm still on a vacay - too tired for words, because we're still finishing putting every little thing in its place, cleaning, and getting ready for the New Year celebration which is a huge holiday here in Russia.
Santa will visit Arina tomorrow and mum has to do a lot of cooking lolol which she's not too fond of :)
But I still put something new in store this week! I was thinking my Blog Couture series was missing a couple of nice winter themes so I made these two cuties perfect for any blog out there - both priced 20% OFF as usual!!! They coordinate with Fireplace Tales and Amazing Snowland pretty well:

Now... I have a nice surprise for you guys!!!

I've prepared 5 coupons for the first lucky ones to have both templates for FREE!

Hurry up! The coupons expire on the 1st of January! :)

Use any of these codes:






Enjoy and a Happy New Year to you!!!

Biggest hugs,



LHadgis said...

Thank you so much, Irene! I am so excited that I'll get to use your wonderful designs on my blog. I haven't been good about keeping it up, but now that it will be fabulous to look at I'm sure it will inspire me to write more. Thanks again!!!

Лисевич Татьяна (Yshko) said...

Thank you very much for the coupon !!!!!
Happy New Year to you! Successes in creativity!

Miranda Barten said...

The new blogwear looks wonderful Irene!! I did not know it was such a huge holiday in Russia but I wish you luck getting all ready and hope you have a great day!

Happy New Year!


Rose said...

What a great gift! I tried to use any of the coupon codes but can't get them to work, someone else must have used them and didn't say thank you?! Huh. Thanks for the chance anyways, hope your holidays were great and your New Year even better!

Anonymous said...

Thanks but the coupons didn't work.

Mireille said...

ack ack! too late.. but too beautiful not to comment! Looks awesome.. hope you will find some well deserved rest!

Unknown said...

Those coupons went fast ;) Beautiful blogwear!

jociandi said...

I didn't find your e-mail, and wanted to show you my new blogwear with your kit, Pigs and Fiddles. http://jociandi.blogspot.com/
This is my personal blog, not the scrap one.


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