Monday, December 1, 2008

All about Christmas...

Hey guys - have you seen the latest issue of the Daily Scrapper???
It is fabulous!!
All Christmassy and festive... I got so inspired reading it today!
I also contributed a little article there - you might want to read it too.

Now re-reading what I've written some time ago I'm sending my longest prayers to God. Because my Dad has to go through a complicated surgery tomorrow.
We're all hoping for the great miracle of Christmas to help him and us all during these hard times.
Because we all love him to every single beat of our hearts and yes - I WANT him to play Santa for DD.
No one can do it better.
I know.

Take care,


lisbonlioness said...

All the best to your Dad; I'm sure he will be home for Christmas to be your daughters Santa. It IS Christmas, after all!

Karla said...

I pray that your father will have a successful surgery and that he will be around to play Santa for many years and watch his granddaughter grow up.


Unknown said...

I hope and pray for your Dad who will be your daughter's Santa for many many years.

Joni said...

Prayers going up for your dad Irene. Thanx for sharing your family's holiday memories with us :)

Yolanda said...

Praying for your Dad's surgery, hope it all goes well.Thanks so much for your generosity.


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