Thursday, October 16, 2008

Repaired Links+ NEW STUFF!!!

Hello dear guys!
So I've got the news regarding the invalid links for some of my former freebies.
I've contacted the 4shared service and they told me these files were damaged (I still wonder why). They said they were sorry for inconveneince and all. But still can't get it how on earth they got damaged??? LOL

Anyway, I have repaired links for the three kits - Ride A Dream, Peas In A Pod, Hot Chick.

Sorry I couldn't repair Mexicana and Get Doggy since these files are no longer on my HD. But the ones which were a success are now downloadable again - the links stayed the same!

Well, have another great news for you! I've launched my newset stuff at the Scrap Orchard store - guess what? YOu might remember a poll about the custom made items - well, I started the custom made line! And here's my first product in this category:

But that is not all - I've also released and funky and doodled Alice-In-Wonderland kit!

Btw, since these items are in Fresh Fruit, they're 20% off... so what are you waiting for? LOL

Hugs and kisses to ya!


MHM said...

I love your designs! I have already purchased several kits from your new store at Scrap Orchard. I'm sad that the Get Doggy kit is not available, it was so very adorable. Please do not give up on the Dog lovers yet. I'm sitting here with my credit card in hand, ready to give you more sales. My sister is a veterinarian, who has 5 dogs, 4 cats, and 10 horses. I hope to make some layouts for her. And I thought Get Horsey was cute also. Thanks for all your hard work!

IreneO said...

What a great kit! (I'm a big Alice in Wonderland fan and the colors are GREAT!)

Deb said...

I just wanted to say I have those two kits you didn't have on your HD, if you want them I could upload them for you, so you could get them again. Just let me know! :)

Laura Manzano said...

Those are great kits! Thanks! The Altered Melody stamp set and Altered Melody Page kit link aren't working either and I adore both of those! I am hoping they get fixed as well so I can use them! They are perfect!

Unknown said...

Irene, you are wonderful! Thanks for getting those links repaired. I love the new kit. Alice in Wonderland is a great classic! Have a great week! ~8)


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