Sunday, October 5, 2008

Introducing my CT!

Guys, I'm finally proudly presenting to you the outstanding ladies who joined my CT recently! I'm such a lazy chick and I didn't have a CT call - but when these wonderful girlies emailed me and told me that I simply HAD to have one I could not resist!!! And you will understand why - just take a look what they are doing for me! AMAZING!! Thank you girlies!!!

Carola aka carolat

Mellissa aka missaboo

Melissa aka Fairytale_Studios

Flor aka twinsmomflor

Alice aka fa11enan9e1

Jenni aka willjenni

Jill aka ShadesOfPink

Want to see more layout by them? See the thread at SO where I introduce my wonderful girls:
or the gallery:
Dear gals - welcome and thank you for being so irresistibly creative!!!



Len said...

Yay! Congrats to the girls who made it to your CT. What wonderful layouts!

Jan said...

Congratulations on your new team, Irene. Their layout are fab. Hopefully I'll be good enough if you ever have a call. I love everything
your create. Go girl you rock!!

Katherine said...

Congrats to the ladies!! The layouts are gorgeous! I know you would have been bombarded with emails if you had a call..Mine would have been one of them. Been a fan for awhile...great work!!!

Reba said...

Congrats to all of you.. Irene I have been looking every day to see if you were going to have a ct. If you aver want to add to it just let me know.. I so love your work.

Mamouniaduquebec said...

Its gorgeous, thanks!

Q said...

Hey I know those CT ladies :)
You all rock my scrapping socks off.
Irene's Designs and Your Layouts.
Match made in Heaven



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