Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paris photos :)

Hi sweeties!
We're home and finally getting back to normal - too many trips this fall lolol
I'm designing a new kit for the next week and I bet you'll love it - it is inspired by the Paris architecture, renaissance and baroque - so far now I will just share some photos from our trip for your entertainment :)


Angeljet said...

I'm glad you had fun!!!! We missed you.
The photos are looking great.

Arthéa said...

Hello Irene, I am from Paris area and recently discovered your beautiful kits and bought some of them. You are a real artist. I am glad you enjoyed your stay in France and I cannot wait to see your new kit inspired by Paris.

WendyW said...

I'm so jealous! Looks like you had an amazing trip! Next time take me! lol! We missed you, girl!

craftychic said...

Fabulous photos Irene! It looked like you had so much fun :) I look forward to seeing your new creation :-)

Nancy said...

These are such wonderful photos, you all look so happy to be where you are! And I love that you made it to Disneyland, I hope you had a wonderful time. That is a terrific photo with Jack Skellington, how wonderful that she is not afraid of him!

Irene Alexeeva said...

Thank you so much guys!!! Oh yeah we had a blast! And about Mr. Jack Skellington - Arina has been hunting all day for him since he's her fav character lol So that was real luck for us to do the shapshot!!!

Paula said...

Beautiful photos Irene! My daughter and I went to Paris for 2 weeks last month for the 1st time... so i can NOT WAIT to see this new kit!! I love your designs!


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