Wednesday, May 6, 2009

News! News! News!!

Hello sweeties!!

First of all I wanted to thank you all who is concerned about my stuff being shared on a piracy site. There's quite a bunch there and it's so very frustrating :( Even sharing freebies is not okay, since I own them, but sharing stuff that I sell just sucks. I'm not a digi-millionaire and I'm thankful to my customers who support me buying my stuff - that helps our family a lot. But sharing the stuff that is supposed to be sold is robbery. It's disgusting that a lot of my pal designers arealso involved and we've found their beautiful stuff being shared there along with mine. Hopefully with all of us DCMA attacking we can shut this site down soon. Hopefully. Since the owner is not too eager to do that, nor at least ban the pirate.

Enough of that now. I really don't want to get upset since we're leaving for Cyprus on Sunday and that means our wedding is in a week!!!!!! OMG! :) We're very excited and a bit scared :)
And of couse I don't want to get you guys upset with me leaving for a week :) Hey, I promised that new kit? Here it goes! And a free-with-purchase wordart pack that you're getting as an appreciation gift for your purchase. And... Everything is on sale at 20% off as usual so you can have the kit for $4.80 instead of $6!!!

Now... hope you like these :)
Btw, since I'm going to be MIA for a week perhaps you thought I would not be releasing anything new next Friday? Hehehe! But I will!!! Here's the kit you will see in my store next week (Shauna is taking care of it - thanks sweetie pie!) and I'm getting the free-with-purchase ready too!!! Don't miss this one!!!

Okay... off to buy toothpaste and brushes to pack into my trunk... LOL My biggest hugs going out to you - love ya all & I'll be missing you this week!



Gulffire said...

Thank you for thinking of us as you leave for your trip. I hope it's magical!

kelly said...

It is sure hard to picture scrapbookers stealing digi kits. Something about scrapbookers and theives just don't mix!


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