Thursday, May 28, 2009

New CU items in store!!!

Hi there sweeties!

Oh so busy this week - strange but lots of parties we've been invited to - so pampering made a huge hole in my wallet and design time lol
Okay... working on a kit (and reeasing it next Friday!)... hope you'll like it. It took a lot of effort since it's totally handpainted and just in time for summer days :)

So far now... I have CU stuff in store this week!
I received lots of flowers for my birthday so I decided to put them to a good use :) I photographed some leaves and roses and torn the raffia wrap into small bits to create these sets :) Besides I have a doodle set out... and all of these are 20% off as usual this week only!!!Hope you like my CU products :)

See you soon (freebie coming btw - wink!)

Hugs, Irene


Agnieszka said...

Irene... I have next pages...
Today I can show them officially :) DST is not working, but my blog working :) I invite you to see :)

And... great CU elements :)

apacalis oral jelly said...

Its so beautiful stuff..Thanks a lot for sharing..I would like to see more such designs..Please keep posting..I am going to follow you..


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