Thursday, March 26, 2009

New stuff at the Orchard!!

Hi there hons!!
First of all let me share my excitement with you!!

I have Rainbow Couture Bodini in ivory satin and they are fab!!!!
LOL!!! I just can't stop doing the snoopy dance!
Wheeeew! I've been BUSY! lol
Got a bunch of new stuff this week for you at the Orchard!!!
And all of these are 20% off all week!!! Yay!

First of all, my brand new spring kit called Brand New Day:

By the way, you're getting a free-with purchase wordart pack with it this week too!

By the way... you have a chance to WIN this kit!Head over there to find out how!

And... I have a collab called April Showers with fabulous Studio Ziska!!

Well, I couldn't leave you without a little gift here either!This wordart pack will be yours FREE when you purchase the original kit! Hope you like my new stuff this week!

Hugs and bless you,



Macshelly said...

Oh my gosh, those shoes are Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow your shoes are soooo pretty!!! Congrats!!

Tonya Moon said...

Love the shoes!!!!!

Silvie said...

Wow, the shoes look really great!

Deborah March said...

Nice kits, FAB shoes!!

Theoriginalscrapbox said...

amazing creativity

Craftcherry said...

Those shoes are beautiful! At my wedding all my single friends signed the bottom of my shoes. The last name left at the end of the night was the next one to get married. It was a fun thing to do in addition to the boquet throwing! Congrats!

Karolina said...

Well done on the shoes front! Just ordered them today as well. They are gorgeous!


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