Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting ready for the spooky par-tay!!! I was contemplating lots over these Scrappy Dresses of mine - and an idea struck me - why not make a set of costumes for Halloween?
Here these are - 8 pieces so far -probably I'll have time to make more, even a set of kids' costumes too... But these are sexy, spooky and humorous all at once - besides very detailed and rather large for sure to use them on 12x12 layouts!

Look for Scrappy Halloween Costumes in the DSP store in autumn.

Irene V. Alexeeva,
DSP Designer


Mandy said...

Irene - that ladybug costume is so cute!!! Mandy :)

Liz McCoy said...

those are great!! Love 'em can't wait to wear one! Hey have you thought of doing women of color?? and Men???

Irene Alexeeva said...

Oh I wish I could do them Liz, but we'll have to recolor our faces to look like Oola LOL!


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