Tuesday, July 24, 2007

August?... September?... Oooomph...LOL

Well - here are two more absolutely new page kits I've come up with this weekend!
Another fairytale kit called Where Elves Live - absolutely magical, enchanting and fabulous, full of that magical paraphernalia we all remember from old legends and tales. I actually created it for my dear daughter Arina who's so fond of fairytale books (not toys huh!) being only one year old! That's why I've turned an old leather volume into a photo frame:)
The other one - paper style, called Cozy Grunge, with lots of paper and carton elements, curled and folded ribbons and staples.
Now I'm totally lost which of all these to send to the store first LOL :) Maybe you will decide!
Irene V. Alexeeva,
DSP Designer


Cheng's said...

I love the fairy tale kit, when will it be available for sale?

Unknown said...

Cant wait for this kit....love fairies.


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