Thursday, June 14, 2007

Have you seen these?

Step on to the red carpet - welcome to the DSP Scrappy Awards 2007, the event of the year!
Do you know the dress code? Formal with lots of bling bling and eye-catching colors!

These breathtaking evening gowns have been exclusively designed for Scrappy Awards 2007 for Team Digital members - look around, they are all wearing these on their avatars!

Use them for embellishing your layouts, customizing you very own avatars (just put your an extracted photo of your head and shoulders upon it - and you're done!), dressing your kids' photos and even paper dolls! Each dress is unique in its own way and has the name of the one who inspired it - besides they are stunningly realistic in every detail! Wanna wear an outfit a real celebrity deserves - snag these and be a ceremony queen!

These dresses are now available at the DSP store.

Irene V. Alexeeva,
DSP Designer

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