Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ahead of the premiere

Drum roll! Let me present to you my newest page kit called Alchemy - this was designed especially for Potter geeks and scary movie fans too. It will also be a perfect framing for Halloween pictures.
The kit includes all the necessary paraphernalia you might need at magic school - a mandrake plant, an old melted candle, a crackled glass potion bottle with a curly label, a mysterious sign brad, a spider's web, a batwing and a balance scale - all that stuff is absolutely helpful at your potions class!
The backgrounds will add even more mystery to your layouts - old castle walls, alchemist's script, tarot cards... Suppose Snape's gonna be satisfied this time!
Irene V. Alexeeva,
DSP Designer


Toni said...

One very happy fan (of your work and all things Potter) here! Absolutely awesome kit. Can't wait for it to hit the store.

Kassuzi said...

This is Stunning! I stared a this in amazement for a while. I could use this in so many different ways...absolutely gorgeous!

Webfrau said...

Love this (and HP) - what a wonderful vibe this kit has - it'll be straight on my wishlist.

Margo said...

Gorgeous kit! Can hardly wait for it to hit the store!! Margo aka Ms M


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