Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saying Goodbye...

Hey sweets,

I think this is my last blog post as a designer here.

I'm sad to write this but it feels like I made a decision to step down from designing.
I mean at all.
The work I've taken up (in my Dad's company) requires effort, and our little girl requires lots more time now since it's her last year before she st
arts school.

It was my biggest pleasure and honor to have you all as my loyal and sweet following. You supported me through all these years and it was you who I felt so creative for. THANK YOU.

What a chance it was to work with wonderful designers and my best friends Kami and Mel. I'm so happy I met them IRL... Girlies, this just goes out to you. The best friends I've made I've made at the Orchard - the friendliest, funniest, most talented and gifted community out there. God Bless You guys. You made me feel not just a designer, but first of all a loved friend, a family member and an Artist. And friends will always be friends, no matter what, and no matter what may change in our lives, hobbies or jobs.

Before my store is closed for good I think it'd be unfair if you could not be able to snag my stuff - so I'm hosting my retirement sale at the Orchard at 60% OFF all of my store.

Please hurry - the store will be shut down on April 11.

I'm sending virtual kisses to you and wishing you all the best.



maTilda said...

I wish you luck in your new job :) and your life... and thank you very much for your work on digiscrapdesigner`s sky :)
have a nice days!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all Sweetie!
Good luck!

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Going to miss seeing your awesome designs. Good luck with your adventures.

BlueCat said...

Wishing you the best!
Thanks for all.

SharonKay said...

I will miss you and your beautiful work. Wish you much success and happiness in all your endeavors.

Sandy said...

That loud sound you hear are the cries of the many fans who will feel a deep absence after you are gone. SO, so many of us admire your sheer talent and sweet disposition. I felt SOOO honored to meet you in Las Vegas last year. You must know this...the loudest cries will be coming from me.
All of that aside, I wish you only the best and thank you so much for all that you have done for the scrapping community. Enjoy more time with your family.
Хорошая дорогая удача, вам будет хватать!
Luvya! sansan

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the best digital scrap kits ever Irene. I am so sad that you are leaving, but it's understandable. Family first, always.
Know that you have many many fans that will never forget the talent you shared with us.
May you find the best of everything in Life,

scrapshak said...

I am soo sad you are one of my Favorites! But I do Understand as I shut my store down 3 tears ago for same reasons!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss your art a lot (I'm stocking up on what I've missed, so thank you for your sale). Best wishes to you and yours in all your current and future endeavors.

pegscrap said...

Oh, I'm SO SAD that you have to retire to get your life back. But I firmly believe that "unto everything there is a season" and this is your season to do other things, especially enjoy being a mom.
You are one of my very favorite designers. The good news is that the door work both ways, and maybe down the road you will find space in you life for which this is the most satisfying outlet.
Meanwhile, best of luck and life to you and thank you for all the wonderful work!

plaw22 said...

Your family's gain is our Great and Sad loss. Best of luck in everything and I hope you come back... soon.

Joelle said...

Ow Irene!! How sad to see you go! But I understand!
We will miss you sweetie! Take care and be happy!
xxx Joelle

Sandy_in_MD said...

This is sad to hear, but it sounds like your life is very full of good things right now, so you are doing the right thing to take the time with your family. I hope you'll return to designing in the future - your work is wonderful and a big part of what I use to scrap my memories. All the best to you and your family!

Päivi Eerola said...

So sorry to see you go, love your kits! They always get me into creative mood! Thanks for making them and thank you for the big sale.

sammawow said...

I am wishing all the best for you! I have loved all of your beautiful designs and will still enjoy scrapping my life with them! Thanks for letting us know about the sale in your store!

Mona said...

I have often wanted to buy your kits, but they were too much for my budget. Now that you're leaving I could afford them... the absurdity of it all lol
I just bought 15 of your fab handdrawn kits!!
Much success in the future, and maybe just maybe you'll return

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, I am so sad to hear that you have retired! I just found out today when my layouts at Scrap Orchard were moved to another category. (I wish I would have realized this before you shop closed so I could have gotten the rest of your kits on my wishlist.) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you good luck with everything & I hope one day things will slow down so you can come back to designing. :) Best wishes to you & your family!

Anonymous said...

I only NOW see that you've retired! I was already wondering for some time where you were and all but didn't know a thing about retiring. Although I understand, I will miss you and I wish you all the best in your future!

Much love

Unknown said...

Is there nowhere I can get your kits now??
Sobbing loudly

Anonymous said...

Sadly i discover this site to late. It always sad to see a great designer go :( . I was looking for packages loaded from a other site ( silles-bastelwelt ) Now i am looking for the kit Cabarnet Punch. I lot everything is a pc crash. And would love to have that kit back. The download here is sadly expired. Can someone help me out? thank you so much.

regards Annita


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