Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Behind The Barn...

Hi there girls!
No way, I'm not tying to scare you LOL Pretty early for the Halloween, huh?
(Pssst, the uber awesome Halloween kit will be out next Friday! LOL)
Okay, Behind The Barn is my brand new autumn kit! It's realistic and grungy, dark colored and all wet with fall showers and the smell of mushooms and forest! It's 20% OFF and the awesome set of quickpages will be yours FREE too if you purchase the kit before next Thursday!!!
Take a look at the magic my CTM did with the kit!

And don't forget to snag this little but cute addition to the quickpages - a free quickpage for you :)

Our vacay is coming to an end and we're taking a plane home on Monday... check my store often for a stunning Halloween release next week!! Big hugs!
Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Freebie - LianeZ

Abeille said...

Wooow soo fantastic new kit!!

VJ said...

Irene, I do so wish I could go to the SO Convention! I would love to meet you in person, lol. As one of your biggest fans of your artwork I try to pick up ALL of your kits whenever I'm able (especially the older ones, lol) and already purchased this fantastic kit. I'm so disappointed that early on I wasn't able to buy the older kits, so little by little I'm trying to get them. I love your whimsical style, as well as your generosity in sharing yourself with us all. You rock girlfrind!!! Hugs and love, Vicki

LionessZA said...

Thank you for this beautiful QP. The new kit is just fabulous!!Hugs xx

Mellye said...

Very fabulous kit I've buy, so I've made a lo with this!

professional report writing said...

it just amazed my viewing of modern art!! so exciting, so cool, so impressive. well done!


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