Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank you!!!

Guys I wanted to thank you all for the wondeful advice and feedback on my previous post!
I've bought prenatal vits, now I try not to use shampoo too often (guilty!) and besides I;'ve bought rosemary and bay oils and mixed some drops with olive oil and now I'm writing this post with that mixture in my hair and a warm cap on :)
Oh! I forgot I've bought Biotin. I've also heard great reviews of the Wite Rain shampoos but I can't seem to find them anywhere :(
Hopefully I will show you my new llong hair soon :)
Thank you again, you're AWESOME!!! I couldn;'t even expect such a fantastic feedback.

Btw - it's Friday and you might have noticed I haven't released anything new yet lol

We've shifted the Fresh Fruit a little bit this week and we're having all the fresh releases tomorrow, on Saturday!

You'll see a brand new autumn kit from me (hint on my blog lol), a coordinating blogwear, quickpages, alpha and wordart... plus everything in a bundle for those who would love to get it all and with a special price :) There will be a freebie by all means too!

You have the chance to win the whole bundle before it hits the store!!!
Go here to learn the rules:

Besides... We at the Scrap Orchard are releasing the wonderful collab with Sweet Shoppe Designs tomorrow and it's FREE with your purchase of $15 and you're getting the quickpages also if it's $20 or more - so keep your eyes open for Saturday :)

Big hugs to you all - see you soon!


Unknown said...

I hope it all works out for you and soon you can show us your gorgeous long hair ;) Good luck!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
Hugs Natascha

DX said...

Hey Irene! I'd suggest doing a search for where to buy White Rain products online. I did find a few sites, but the problem is it's an American product and these online sites may not ship to where you live (not sure where that is exactly.. lol). I'm an American living in Canada and I have yet to find the products up here, either. However, Pantene is also a good product. Maybe that have that where you live?

Here are a couple sites I found for White Rain products:

Good luck! :)

jinifur said...

I dunno if you believe in 'old wives tales' but it used to even say this in old farmers almanacs (per my gmother) to trim your hair on a full moon- it is 'supposed' to make it grow faster- lol! Just adding my thoughts to the list....:)


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