Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amazing Snowland!

Hi there guys!!!

I'm pretty early with the fairytale winter kit! lol
But I felt inspired since we had the first snow here (well, it all ended up in melting though) so I created Amazing Snowland kit and quickpages for you!

Don't forget that the kit is priced 20% OFF this week and the quickpages are absolutely FREE if you purchase the kit!

My CT hons and I played with this kit and here's what came out of it:

I'm also releasing a PU/CU item today - these Christmas dangles can be decorated to your liking, be it for a layout or for creating your designs for sale :) and they're also priced 20% OFF :)

What else?...
Yup not freebie so far... you know why? lol

It's Halloween coming and we'll be trick-or-treating again!!!
Yes, my door is closed so far - too early lol
Watch out and - I'll be posting the details very soon! :)

Big hugs
see ya soon! ;)



Natali said...

Иришка у тебя один набор краше другого))) Зима такая нежная воздушная получилась))) Огромное спасибо за такие чудеса))) И за рамульки тоже большое спасибо)))

Elsina said...

This is one of your most beautiful kits ever!!!

Rose said...

Love the kit, it looks great, a suggestion though, you should upload your layouts preview to flickr or something, so that when we click on it, we can view it larger. It's really hard to see the layouts all together like that, and I would love to take a closer look, and it doesn't do the kit justice to have them all so tiny!! Love your work, this kit looks beautiful!

JustMe said...

WOW ... amazing kit!! I like it!!
Thank you .. :)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Looks gorgeous!!! :)

Have a great weekend!
Hugs Natascha

Mila said...

Ирина, я просто пищу от ваших работ)))!!! Этот набор такой... прям настоящий и в тоже время какой-то волшебный!!! И северное сияние! Сразу вспомнила свое детсво за полярным кругом))))! Спасибо вам огромное!!!

Mary Lúcia said...

I loved your blog ... all very beautiful

His kits are wonderful
Congratulations talent!

Jud565 said...

Simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new kit!!!

Vetra said...

Наборчик замечательный!! красота!

Mystique Designs said...

Oh again awesme Job, and i love this winter kit Irene, wooow :D

coddinam said...

Hello Irene! I bought this gorgeous kit & 4 other kits! I love your work! thanks,Ann

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This kit works perfect and it looks very nice as well.

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