Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deep Breath and FWP quickpages!

Ding ding!
Me again guys!

I'm here with a new kit - since we are spending our time in the country now (that means me and DD and poor DH has to drive quite a distance each day after work to get to us!) I've had some spare time playing with my camera... taking shots of twigs, leaves and all those little inspiring nature thingies... here's what came out of it! :)

20% OFF for you as usual + free-with-purchase quickpages!

By the way! You have the chance to WIN it!!!!

Easy peasy... just leave me some luv here: and I'll pick three random winners on Monday!

Okay... working on a hand painted kit now and will release it next Friday ;-) Check out for a freebie very soon!

Big hugs,




Ruth said...

This is Gorgeous! love it! You are awesome Irene!


Jud565 said...

Love the new kit! Something different from your usual kits. You've got me excited about your upcoming kit too. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

Noncsi said...

Love is new kit!:)))
Gorgeous,gorgeous and gorgeous!!!

KrisG said...

OMG, your kits just keep getting better and better!!! I love this!!! :::running over to try to win:::

Sabrina ❤ said...

Thanks for being in a RAKing mood. (haha!)

Gave it a shot and am crossing fingers now.

Can't wait for your new kit and of course, the freebie! lol


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