Thursday, April 9, 2009

A new kit from me + leaving for a couple of weeks :)

Hey dear ladies!

DH and I are packing things -we're flying to Turkey for a vacay with our little one and my parents :) as DH puts it it's a "well-deserved rest from that wedding fever before May" lol!
So... I'm going to be online and taking my laptop along! So luckily not falling off the wagon :)

Besides Dad's birthday is on Monday! We've prepared a nicey gift for him (I won't tell since he's reading my blog hahaha) which we are also taking on board a plane and I'm planning to take some videos of DD congratulating him (she's been learning a nice poem for a while now hehehe)

By the way! We're having the Orthodox Easter on April, 19 - and since we're celebrating it in Turkey too (which is a Moslem country) we're taking our egg-dyeing kit along too and Mom's going to make some minced meat pies and some buns with cabbage filling (my fav)! YUM! I'm dieting to stick into that slinky wedding dress so I'm really looking like Beethoven right now... my mouth craving for food and watering right on the floor... LMBO!

Besides... I've a new kit for you! It's larger than usual (around 38 or so unique elements) and it's a nice choice for spring or Easter pics :) I've called it Maybe May (hmmm just can't get rid of the ghost of our wedding kwim? lol)

The kit is on 20% sale this week plus you're getting a free-with-purchase quickpage album (9 12x12" quick pages). Well, if you don't want the kit and just would like to have the album - it's 20% off too! :)

Hope you like this week's goodies!
Sending big hugs your way and a Happy Easter to all of you,



Lorena Digital Designs said...

Have a wonderful time!

VJ said...

Irene, this is just beautiful!! Just HAD to go purchase it, lol Picked up the freebie kit for the challenge at Scrap Orchard also, now just need to find the time to work on it, rofl. Have been sick with the nasty cold or flu, and still having to go to work, so when I get to feeling somewhat like myself again I'll be tackling it. Have a wonderful vacation and love hearing about your wedding plans, well, the renewal of your vows, lol. Huggles, Vicki

Heartland Creek Graphics said...

Lovely,just lovely what you create!
Have a nice holiday :)


Brenda said...



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