Monday, February 23, 2009

Only 4 days to go...

... till I tell you the lil secret I'm keeping! :) lol!
Unless you haven't guessed yourself yet! :)

Hugs hons,


jaye said...

I guessed ;)

Silberfuchs said...

I don't have to guess because today in the morning I saw your name at the list of designers in one of my favourite shops ;) No products yet but it seems like you have already moved in.

Congrats to your new home, it is a great place!

Hugs from Germany

CarolW said...

Yes, I saw your name at one of my favorite shops, too. So glad to see you there, they have a wonderful group of designers and I love your stuff!!

Unknown said...

He he, I saw that too!! :) Congrats Irene!

LMT said...

So, you're a studio girl!

smulley said...

I must be the only one that does not know! Oh, well, I will just wait for the announcement!


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