Thursday, November 13, 2008

Off to Vienna...

Hey there girlies!
Yup, DH and I are driving to the airport in a couple of hours...
He has a business trip to Vienna and he's taking me along so that I could... SHOP!!!!!!!

Besides we'll be having two excursions during the weekend - the Schohnbrunn Castle, the Saint Stephan's Cathedral and the Vienna Forest!

Besides I have been restraining myself from spending a single dollar for quite a time to have a shopping feast there ROFL

Luckily (I will be missing my DD greatly!) and unluckily (not enough, not fair!!!) we'll stay there until Tuesday night and will be home on Wednesday morning.

Okay now :)
But I couldn't leave without giving you some nice treats!
My new stuff in the store - prcied at 20%off as usual.
My newest Christmas kit:

Then - a hybrid printables set - my first one!!! - that you might love for your Christmas gifts packaging and favors - I used the stuff we did together out of it for the preview :) It was a bit strange to have scissors and glue around us since I never paper scrapped!

And second - I've got a little freebie for you :)

This time it's a paper pack (designed at 200 ppi) that was one of the chat gifts at my former place - hopefully you''ll find them useful (a little tip - I made use of my old papers resaving them at 300 ppi andsince they got smaller using them as mats on my layouts :))


Have a fun weekend guys - sending you big hugs!



Unknown said...

Hi Irene
Thanks you for sharing these beautiful papers - BEAUTIFUL as usual.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm jealous...have a MARVELOUS time.

Thank you for thinking of us before you leave and giving us the beautiful gift. Love the papers.


Mumure said...

Love your papers!!
Thank you so much :)

Terry said...

Beautiful work. Have a great trip.

Karla said...

Congratulations on being spotlighted in Artisan Notebook!

Thank you for the lovely papers. I hope you're having lots of fun in Vienna.

Pam said...

Thank you for the beautiful papers! Your Christmas kit is awesome!! Enjoy your trip!!

Sharon B. said...

thanks for sharing these awesome papers. Hope you enjoy your trip. Can't wait to see more kits.

TerriM said...

Thanks for the wonderful paper/mats. Oh, and have a wonderful trip. Wow, Vienna only if I could be so lucky. Hugs -- xoxo!! (terri - Hawaii)

tape said...

Ooo, have fun! Thank you for the beautiful papers!

Phyldar said...

These papers are so lucious - thanks for sharing them and enjoy Vienna!

Janet said...

Thank you for these beautiful papers.


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