Monday, January 7, 2008

Feeling sad :(

Well, yes, I'm an obsessed crazy mama, so I feel absolutely depressed now - just a couple of minutes we've noticed that DD is feverish. She's been suffering from her teething pains for a week already and I can never tell when there will be an end to these awful times at last. Yesterday she had a severe diarrhea and now running a temperature... oomph. I understand that is a common thing with babies but I feel like I'm smashed. She fell asleep immediately completely exhausted and now I'm waiting nervously until she's awake to give her some ibuprofen - she rejected our efforts to give it with headspinning squeals and cries... My poor lil one :(

Hugs to all and wishing you good health,

1 comment:

A-liya said...

Ирин, сочувствую! Поправляйтесь побыстрее, целуйте от нас крошку Ариночку!


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