Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yeeeeeeeeah! My gingerbread dream :)

Okay folks! I'm a Catholic too (although in Russia we have the most Orthodox people) - so I needed to do it asap before the 25th! These two days I was REALLY-AWESOMELY-FANTASTICALLY-EXCLUSIVELY-ABOLUTELY busy!!!! Both yesterday and today were dedicated fully to my latest creation - Arina's first gingerbread house!!!! Well, it turned out to be a mansion more than a house LOL And - it is TOTALLY done from scratch! We don't have any kits for sale here in Russia so I had to download a pattern, print and cut it out, then make my own dough based on a recipe, even icing is egg whites whipped with sugar powder and lemon juice... Man, was I exhausted??? LOL But I found myself so addicted - I felt like a small child in a fairytale! - that I created two houses - the second one will go as a gift for my parents. DD often goes to their place and enjoys her staying there, so they NEEDED that house! LOL

For sure I had some extra dough so I baked those cute Xmas trees to give as small gifts for our dear ones and friends :) I decorated them with icing and sugar balls - well, tomorrow I'm going to shop for some cute gift wraps! :)

Oh gosh, I think that's all :) I falling down tired and excited :)

Merry merry merry Christmas to all of you guys!!!




ScrappinDove said...

Awesome work! I can see why and how busy you were! Definetly worth it though!

Webfrau said...

Brilliant Irene! You did an amazing job. Merry Christmas.

Toni said...

These are truly beautiful Irene. Have a wonderful Christmas.


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