Saturday, April 28, 2007

Working hard! :)

I'm having so much fun - just in the process of designing my new page kit. I won't let you know what exactly it is, but for sure it's a reproduction of some famous and sweet fairytale! To design this I even re-read it so as to get inside of the story and try it on! LOL
After this one is in the store I'll think of a freebie add on - may be some kit concerning fairytales in general - some old volumes of Grimms', an invisible hat, a flying carpet... all that magic stuff!!
EEK!... Do we have a Potter kit there at DSP?...
There' s a lot to think about until the premiere :)

Irene V. Alexeeva,
DSP Designer


Toni said...

Tis true, there is already a wizard kit at DSP, but between true Potter fans, one kit is never enough, we need new material, new inspiration for the impending finale.

Irene Alexeeva said...

True Toni!! What I was thinking of was something Potter specialities... Like his Nimbus 2000, his slighly broken eyeglasses, an owl maybe... Tom Riddle's diary, yeah! :) And some magic sweets they used to buy :)


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